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Dye Contractors for Carpet Dyeing High Traffic & Stained Carpets in Charleston, SC Resorts

In recent years, carpet owners are seeing the true value in quality carpet dyeing restoration services. Quite a few consumers, unfortunately, do not even consider the potential it has as it once been a messy process, and long-term was ineffective. The carpet dyeing services have revolutionized to deliver quality services with the help of modernized…

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Can Bleach Stains Be Reversed in Atlanta, GA? How to Fix, Dye & Remove Bleach Spots from Carpet

There is a common phenomenon that occurs to many homeowners, and that is the appearance, or realization of stains on the carpet, leaving them to wonder how their once beautiful carpet became an unsightly mess. Sometimes the mystery is solved where other times they are not. Bleach spots are often among the blemishes that seem…

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Should I Replace My Carpets & Rugs or Dye them in Roswell, GA? Are they Good Quality? How Long Does Carpeting Last in a House?

The first thing people notice when they first enter a home is often the flooring. It’s the largest surface area in the house and since you’re in constant contact with it, floors are quickly assessed by your guests and potential homebuyers if you are trying to sell your abode. So if the carpet doesn’t look…

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Commercial Carpet Dyeing, Airbrushing, Color Change, Bleach Spot Repair in Atlanta, GA

Since 2005, commercial businesses and residential homes throughout Greater Atlanta, Georgia have benefited from Carpet Dye Tech services. We are fully insured, licensed and in conjunction with our talented specialists, we utilize nothing but top-rated equipment and products to execute premium results, deliver friendly customer service all while maintaining high moral standards. Included in our…

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Benefits of Carpet Dyeing Methods VS Replacement; Color Change, Repair Faded Carpet, Stains & Lower Cost in Roswell, GA

Carpet in a home is not a small investment. In fact paying for flooring in your home is one of the largest costs you will have when it comes to changing or adding to your home. The carpeting usually goes through many areas of your home including the main living space, bedrooms and stairs. This…

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Maintenance Care & Cost of RV, Boat & Exotic Car Carpet Dyeing VS Replacement in Alpharetta, GA

Commercial businesses and residential homes often get a lot of attention from carpet maintenance companies, to let the business owners and homeowners know of services and carpet caring tips they should be applying for exceptional looking carpets. But what about the carpets in your RVs, boats, classic or exotic cars and all the extra toys…

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