Carpet Dyeing to Repair Bleach Spots on Carpet from Cleaning Against Coronaviruses in John’s Creek, GA?

Bleach spots on carpets are ever more common with regulated cleaning and sanitizing due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Both residential and commercial buildings undergo intense cleaning and sanitizing to help reduce the spread of the virus. When sanitizing and or disinfecting, bleach or cleaners that contain high amounts of bleach are used. When using bleaching agents we often tempt fate and eventually spills occur right on the carpets. When carpets are exposed to bleach the pigment in the carpet will break down and dissipate leaving those pale white spots on the carpet. With bleach spots occurring more and more often, Carpet Dye-Tech would like to share how bleach spots can be repaired and why you should not hesitate to seek professional bleach spot repairs.

How Do You Get White Bleach Spots Out of Carpet?

Bleach spots are not as permanent as many people may believe. Yes, when bleach spots form on carpet they cannot be washed out like a stain. However, bleach spots can be repaired by restoring the color back into the carpet. Bleach spots can be repaired in many ways. For perfect results, it is best to seek out professional bleach spot repairs. There are many steps in repairing a bleach spot. It is important that each step is properly done to ensure that the bleach spot can be repaired correctly. Bleach spot repairs can fail if the bleach spot isn’t properly cleaned and treated. Bleach, when it spills and even dries on the carpet, will remain active in the carpet. The bleach needs to be neutralized or the repair will never work. A professional bleach spot repair service will access the bleach spot and see if the bleach spot needs further bleaching. You cannot properly repair the bleach spot if some of the pigment is still in the carpet. For example, mild bleaching of a black carpet will leave a brown spot. In this situation, the brown spot will be bleached completely, providing a fresh start and proper color correction. If needed, the site will be bleached and then cleaned. Afterward, the bleach is neutralized. Often these two early steps are not done right or not at all which will prevent the carpet from being properly repaired.

Carpet Dyeing to Match Carpet Color

Once the bleach spot site has been properly cleaned and the bleach neutralized, the next step is to create the dye. Dyes are always created by our technicians. This comes as a surprise to many people as you can easily find carpet dye colors online. Dyes are created because premade dye colors don’t actually match the color of the carpet. There are a few factors to consider. One is that all manufacturers make their own dye color and they do not sell them. So it is impossible to buy a premade dye color that matches. Another consideration is time. The carpet color will change over time. Depending on the age of the carpet, the color may have faded slightly. A professional can make the needed adjustment of time and recreate the perfect color to match the carpet. A professional will ensure the repairs match the rest of the carpet perfectly.

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When you have bleach spots in your home or business, seek out professional bleach spot repairs. Carpet Dye-Tech provides bleach spot repair, carpet dyeing and more. To schedule our services contact Carpet Dye-Tech today.

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