Can You Dye Existing Church Carpets in Big Creek, GA? Carpet Dyeing Color Restoration & More

Carpets are prone to stains, bleach spots and will fade because of time or due to other causes. It doesn’t matter the environment or location, carpet, including those in churches, can develop these types of carpet problems. When carpets in a church fade or bleach spots ruin the aesthetics of the carpet and church, it is important to know they can be repaired. Carpet color can be restored with professional carpet dyeing services. Carpet Dye-Tech would like to share how carpet that has lost their color or has been dotted with bleach spots can be repaired to ensure the church has beautiful carpets.

Can You Change the Color of Carpet Without Replacing It?

Carpet dyeing is a service that helps to restore dull and faded carpets. Carpet dyeing is able to revive the entire carpet’s color. When dyeing faded carpet, the church administrator will have the option of dyeing the carpets their original color or change the color of the carpet. Carpet color change is essentially the same as carpet dyeing, but a new color or dye is applied to the surface of the carpet. When changing the color of the carpet, the carpet color will become darker. Even though you can pick a totally new color, the color will be darker than the current carpet color. This is because dye is being applied over the current color of the carpet. Once the dye and the current color of the carpet mixes, it will result in a darker hue.

How Does Carpet Dyeing Work?

When dull or faded carpets need their color restored, a carpet dye service can come to the church. When a carpet dye service comes to the church they will evaluate the carpet. In some cases the carpets may need to be cleaned before they can be dyed. Next, the carpet dye service will determine the best method to dye the carpets. In many cases, a sprayer is used to coat the carpet with the dye and is later blended in with a carpet tool. Another approach to dyeing carpet uses a carpet dyeing machine much like a carpet cleaning machine. Depending on the size and number of areas that need carpet dyed, carpet dyeing can be accomplished in a single day. Carpet dye is fast and the results look great. Carpet dyeing can also help save the church money and avoid expensive and invasive carpet replacements.

Can You Fix Bleach Spots on Carpet?

Bleach spots are a common problem even more now due to the need for sanitizing due to COVID-19. Churches must undergo intense cleaning, often including bleach or bleach based cleaners. When bleach makes contact with the carpet, bleach spots will quickly appear. As many well know, bleach spots are the absence of color, which means you cannot easily correct this problem. Bleach spots can be repaired by restoring the color back into the bleached spots. A carpet dye service can perform bleach spot repair. They will first come and clean the bleach spot and at the same time neutralize the bleach that is still in the carpet. Next they will create a perfect dye color that will match the rest of the carpet. Bleach spots can be repaired within 30 minutes and ensure pristine carpets.

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When a church has bleach spots or faded carpets, contact Carpet Dye-Tech for quality carpet color restoration services.

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