Can You Fix Bleach Spots on Carpet in Crabapple, GA? Evaluate, Clean, Neutralize & Dye Carpets

Bleach spots are a common problem and even more now due to the need for sanitation in commercial or public settings. Bleach spots, as many well know, are permanent. They will not wash out or are corrected using simple methods. To properly repair bleach spots, there are many steps one must take and each must be done correctly to ensure the carpet is repaired perfectly. Carpet Dye-Tech would like to walk you through the process of bleach spot repair and why it is always worth your while to seek professional bleach spot repair.

Step 1. Evaluate Carpet

Each step is important when it comes to repairing a bleach spot and it all begins with the evaluation. When a professional carpet dye specialist is called to a location to repair a bleach spot they never know what to expect. Not all bleach spots are those pale white spots on the carpet. Bleaching can vary in the level of bleaching. Depending on the concentration of bleach in a cleaner, sometimes total bleaching doesn’t occur. In this case the mild bleach spot may require the need to be bleached out more to ensure perfect color correction. Along with evaluating the level of bleaching, the carpet dye and bleach repair specialist will also determine the timeline to repair the bleach spot. Most bleach spots can be repaired in 30 minutes. Yet, that will also depend on the bleach spot size and the number of repair sites.

Step 2. Clean & Neutralize Bleach Spot

The next step is to clean the bleach spot site. There is more than just cleaning the carpet. The bleach needs to be neutralized. When bleach spills on carpets, it can remain active for a long period of time. In order to dye the site, the bleach must be neutralized or the repair will fail. To ensure perfect repairs, the bleach must be properly neutralized and the site thoroughly rinsed.

Step 3. Restore Carpet Color to Fix Discolored Carpets

Once the bleach spot has been prepped, the next step is to create the dye and then apply it to the carpet. It may seem simple enough. However, the carpet dye technician must create the dye so it will perfectly match the rest of the carpet. Many people wonder why they do not use a pre-made dye that matches the carpets. When manufacture create the dyes or color for their carpets, they do not sell their dyes. This means you will never get a perfect match pre-made. To ensure the color matches perfectly, the carpet dye specialist will know how to recreate the dye color and make the formula on site to ensure it matches. Once the dye has been made, it will be applied in layers over the bleach spot. The dye is applied in small amounts at a time as too little dye will result in a lighter spot, while too much dye can create a darker spot. Depending on the size of the bleach spot there are different ways the dye is applied to the carpet. Some methods uses a syringe or a droppers. For larger spots, an air brush tool is also used.

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