Can You Dye Existing Church Carpets in Sugar Hill, GA? Carpet Dyeing for Discolored Carpet & More

Carpets are a great flooring that can easily last ten years with proper care. However, you can extend the life of carpet even further! Carpets are often replaced when they develop stains, bleach spots, or they have faded, especially when it comes to the carpet inside churches. Church administrators usually take amazing care of their carpets, and often replace them due to aesthetic reasons. When carpet has been well kept it is a major shame to replace them due to aesthetics. Carpet Dye-Tech would like to share how we can help revive the beauty of carpet and help the church administrator extend the life of their building’s carpets.

What Causes Carpet to Fade & Become Discolored?

Carpet inside churches are cared for usually very well. They are properly vacuumed and cleaned. However, use and time do have a way of revealing the age of the carpet. Time or even improper cleaning can cause the carpet to fade and become dull. Other times spills from drinks and food during church events may leave the carpet permanently marred. Bleach spills are another common problem that will leave bright spots all over the carpets. When the bleach spot occurs they cannot be washed away. When the carpet’s aesthetics become atrocious, often the church managers will seek to replace their carpets. However, carpets that are still in great condition with simple appearance issues can be corrected.

Can I Dye My Carpet a Different Color?

Carpets that are faded can have their color revived. Carpet dyeing is a service that aims to restore carpet color. When it comes to dyeing the carpet, the entire area will be masked with a fresh application of dye. A professional carpet dyeing service can come and restore the carpet to its original color. Or, if desired, the church administrators can also choose to change the color of their carpet. Without the need to replace the carpet, the carpet can be dyed a different color. However, if the carpet color is changed, know that it will be a darker color and or tone than was the original color. With carpet dyeing, dull, faded carpet can be renewed and the church administrators can avoid unnecessary carpet replacements.

Carpet Stain Removal & Bleach Spot Repair

Stains and the notorious bleach spots are another common problem for carpets. Bleach spots and stubborn stains can be repaired. If a stain will not come out with proper cleaning, the next tactic is to strip out all color. A carpet dyeing specialist will bleach out the stain and then repair the bleach spot. Repairing a bleach spot involves cleaning the site and neutralizing the bleach. Next, they will make the dye on site to match the rest of the carpet perfectly. Finally, they apply the dye over the bleach spot restoring the carpet.

Carpet Dyeing VS Replacement

With carpet dyeing, the church administrators avoid carpet replacements which cost both time and money. Carpet dyeing is much more affordable than replacing the carpets. Carpet dyeing is also fast and can be completed within a day. The dyes used are completely safe and are guaranteed to be non-toxic. Once the dye is dry it will never rub away or transfer to other surfaces. The carpet can still be cleaned without fear of the dyes washing out.

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