Can Bleach Spots on Carpets Be Removed in Canton, GA? Carpet Dyeing Color Restoration

Bleach spots are ever more common with the demanding needs to sanitize and disinfect residential and commercial settings. Carpets do not mix well with bleach or cleaners that contain bleach and/or chlorine. Bleach can break down the dye on the carpet until the color has completely dissipated. When bleach spots form on carpet they cannot be washed away like a stain. However, they can be repaired. Carpet Dye-Tech will share how bleach spots can be repaired.

Is a Bleach Spot the Same as a Carpet Stain?

Bleach spots are the absence of dye or color in the carpets. Depending on the concentration of bleach and how long the carpet was exposed, the level of bleaching may vary. In some cases the bleach is mild, especially if someone rushed to remove the bleach and applied a bleach neutralizer before the bleach had enough time to strip out the color. In most cases the bleach has completely stripped out the dye in the carpet, leaving only the natural color of the carpet’s fibers behind. Depending on the level of bleach the steps in repairing the bleach spot will slightly change. When bleaching is mild it can prevent proper repairs. When the carpet still has some pigment it can be hard to properly correct the color to perfectly match. Therefore, it is much easier to remove all of the color and start fresh. If needed, when repairing mild bleach spots the carpet dye specialist will bleach out the site completely. Now with a fresh canvas the bleach spot can be repaired.

Neutralize a Bleach Spot on Carpet

It is important when repairing bleach spots that the site is cleaned first. When cleaning the site the bleach is neutralized. Bleach remains active in the carpet until it has been neutralized, if not then the new dye will never take to the carpet’s fibers. Even though the bleach is dry it is still active. To ensure the repair work is flawless, the site needs a bleach neutralizer. It is then rinsed out and cleaned.

Can You Dye Bleach Spots on Carpet?

The carpet is now ready for dyeing. A carpet dye specialist can recreate the dye color to ensure the repair matches the carpet perfectly. They mix together the exact combination of red, blue and yellow to recreate your carpet’s color. Next, they will apply the dye to the carpet in small amounts. With each application, they will work the dye into the carpet’s fiber. It is important to not over dye the carpet or it will look darker. Too little dye will make it look lighter. The carpet dye specialist must apply the perfect amount of dye to ensure the color matches exactly.

Can You Dye Carpet Yourself?

When repairing bleach spots for accurate repairs it is best to seek a professional service. When repairing bleach spots the magic is in the dye. Not even with dye kits can you perfectly match the repair site with the rest of your carpet. A professional carpet dye service has the needed training to perfectly recreate the color of your carpet with the repairing dye. For quality bleach spot repairs, you will be most pleased with professional bleach spot repair services.

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