Can Church Carpets Be Restored in Cumberland, GA? Carpet Dyeing, Bleach Spot Repair & More

When carpet develops stains, bleach spots, or faded areas inside a church, often the church manager will decide it is time to replace the carpets. Church administrators will often replace carpets even though they are in great condition, simply due to the carpet’s aesthetics. Instead of replacing carpet that is dull in color, stained and or has bleach spots, why not restore the carpets with carpet dyeing services? Carpet Dye-Tech would like to share how carpet dyeing services can help restore carpets and prevent the need for the church manager to replace their carpets unnecessarily.

Does Carpet Need to Be Replaced?

Carpet replacements are expensive and requires time to have the carpet removed and replaced. Carpet replacement can interrupt a number of church activities and church services. Often a church manager doesn’t need to replace their carpet but instead restore them. Carpet inside a church are the ideal candidate as they are usually well taken care of. Over time color will fade and bleach spots can occur. When this happen it is a major waste to simply replace the carpets. This is where carpet dyeing services comes into the picture. A carpet dye service helps in restoring carpet color after fading, repairing of bleach spots and more.

How is Carpet Dyed?

When restoring faded carpets, essentially all the carpet needs is a fresh dose of dye. A carpet dyeing service can clean and apply fresh dye to the entire carpeted areas. Dyeing carpets is done in a few different ways. Depending on the type of carpet as well as size, the dye may be applied by using a large carpet sprayer and a carpet machine that is much like a carpet cleaning machine. The carpet dye service will know which method will best suit the carpet. When dyeing the carpet, the carpet dye service can redye the carpet back to its original color. However, if the church administrator chooses, the carpets can be dyed a new color. When changing the color of the carpet, the color will be darker than the original color as you will be applying dye over the current carpet color. When changing the carpet color, church administrators will have a variety of different color to choose from. Depending on the size or number of rooms, dyeing carpet can be very fast and in some cases the entire church can be redyed in a single day. The dyes used for carpet are non-toxic and will not transfer, rub away, or wash out.

How Do You Fix a Bleach Spot on Carpet?

A faded carpet isn’t the only problem a church manager will encounter. Often carpets inside churches will also develop bleach spots. Bleach spots are a fairly common problem, especially with the demand of sanitizing due to the COVID-19 virus. When bleach spots occur they can be repaired. A professional carpet dyeing service can come and repair bleach spots within minutes. Bleach spots need to be cleaned and the bleach neutralized. Then a carpet technician will recreate the dye used for the carpet and dye over the bleach spots. Even though the idea behind bleach spots may seem simple, for perfect repairs it takes time and proper technique.

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