How Do You Get Rid of Bleach Spots on Carpets in Jacksonville, FL? Carpet Dyeing Color Restoration

When carpets develop those infamous pale spots, many homeowners as well as commercial management often look for ways to repair their carpets. Bleach spots are terrible to look at, and as many well know, you cannot wash them out or correct this problem easily. For those who have bleach spots on their carpet, Carpet Dye-Tech will share what can cause bleach spots on the carpet and how they are repaired.

Spills & Other Causes of Bleach Spots on Carpet

What are bleach spots and where do they come from? Bleach spots on carpet is when a bleaching chemical makes contact with the carpet and depletes the dye or color from the affected areas. Bleach spots will vary in number and size, depending on the exposure or source. As many people know, bleach spots come from bleach or a bleaching agent. Bleach is a prevalent chemical used in many different cleaners and solvents. Many people will use straight bleach as it is an effective sanitizer. However, bleach isn’t the only chemical that can cause bleach spots. Chlorine has the same effect on carpet as bleach. Chlorine can also strip out the color in carpets. However, it does require more time on the carpet and often in a stronger concentration. In most cases bleach spots are the result of a cleaning product spilling onto the carpet or is accidentally used. There are even hygiene products that contain chlorine such as foot creams. When bleach spots form on the carpet most people will look for a solution to help repair their carpets.

Can You Reverse Carpet Bleach spots?

Bleach spots are a fairly common problem for carpets. Fortunately they can be repaired. Bleach spots are essentially the absence of dye or color in the carpet. To repair the bleach spot you will need to put the color back. For perfect results when repairing bleach spots you will want to seek out a professional carpet dyeing service that provides bleach spot repairs. A professional can perfectly match the carpet’s current color when repairing the bleach spots. When repairing bleach spots there are a few steps that must be taken to ensure prefect repairs. One step is to clean the site and neutralize the bleach. Many attempts to repair bleach spots fail because the bleach is still active in the carpet, even when the carpet is dry. Once the bleach in the carpet has been neutralized, the carpet is ready to receive the dye. When dyeing the carpet, the carpet dyeing service will make the dye on site to ensure the dyes match the rest of the carpet flawlessly. Once the dye has been properly applied, the bleach spots are gone and the carpet is repaired. When repairing bleach spots or dyeing carpets in both commercial and residential settings, you do not have to worry about health concern. The dyes used on carpet are natural based and much of it comes from plants. Repairs will not fade away, bleed out during cleaning, or transfer onto other materials. Professional bleach spot repairs are fast and effective and the carpet is properly and permanently repaired.

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