Saving Faded & Discolored Church Carpets with Professional Carpet Dyeing in Charlotte, NC

Can carpets that are dull in color or have bleach spots be saved? Carpet is a major investment, especially for a church. Church managers do a great job in cleaning and maintaining the building including the carpets. Often the carpets inside a church are kept vacuumed and cleaned. Due to the great condition that church administrators keep their carpet in, they are perfect for restoration. Carpet in a church that has bleach spots and faded colors can be saved and Carpet Dye-Tech will share how below.

Can You Redye Bleach Spots on Carpet?

Bleach spots are permanent marks on the carpet. When a bleaching chemical makes contact with the carpet it will dissipate the color in the carpet leaving behind only a pale spot. Bleach spots cannot be easily dealt with when they occur. However, the church administrator doesn’t have to consider replacing the carpet simply due to bleach spots. Bleach spots can be repaired. Since a bleach spot is defined as color being removed from the carpet, you need to put the color back to remove those pale spots. When repairing a bleach spot a professional carpet dye service will come and assess the site. Most bleach spot repairs start with a light cleaning and neutralizing of the bleach that is still active in the carpet. Next we will create a perfect dye formula that matches the rest of the carpe and add the dye in small amounts, blending the dye into the carpet. Once the site is dry, the bleach spot is repaired. Depending on the size and number of bleach spots on the church carpet, repairs can take 30 minutes or more. Repairing bleach spots, when done by a professional, look amazing and can be completed quickly.

Can You Fix Faded Carpet?

When a carpet color fades, the carpet tends to look used, dirty and old. The carpet can impact the church building’s aesthetics. To ensure the church building looks its best, the faded carpet must be dealt with. Even faded carpets are not beyond saving. When carpet color fades it is time to restore the carpet color. All the carpet needs is a bit of fresh dye. A carpet dyeing service can come to the church and restore the carpet color. Applying the carpet dye will vary by the size of the carpeted area. However, when restoring the carpets the dye service can restore the carpet to its original coloring, or if desired, the color can be changed. When dyeing the carpet any color dye can be applied, as long as it is darker than the original. If the church administrator wishes to choose a new color, it can be done. However, when changing the carpet color, realize that new dye will be applied over the current carpet dye, resulting in a darker color. Dyeing even large areas can be done in a short period of time. The church administrator doesn’t have to cancel services and other activities. When the carpets are dull and the administrator wishes for vibrant carpet they just need to contact a professional carpet dyeing service.

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Carpet dyeing is fast and effective. It can prevent the need to replace carpets which save the church administrators time and money. For quality carpet dyeing services, contact Carpet Dye-Tech.

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