Can Professional Carpet Cleaners or or a Carpet Dyeing Company Remove Bleach Spots in North Charleston, SC?

Bleach spots are one of the worst problems that can occur on carpets. A bleach spot doesn’t just stain the carpet but instead it removes the color from the carpet. You cannot clean or wash out a bleach spot like you can a stain. When bleach spots develop, they ruin the aesthetic of the carpets. Even though the carpets are still in great condition, many people will consider replacing the carpets because they don’t like the look of the bleach spots. There is an alternative, bleach spots can be repaired. Carpet Dye-Tech will walk you through the steps of professional bleach spot repair and show you how you can reclaim your carpet even after bleach spots.

Clean & Bleach Neutralizing for Carpets

The first step in repairing a bleach spot is cleaning the site and neutralizing the bleach in the carpet. Bleach is a unique chemical that remains active, meaning the bleach is still in the carpet. In order for bleach spots to be repaired, the bleach must be neutralized. Many DIY repair attempts usually fail simply because no one knows they need to neutralize the bleach. Once the bleach has been neutralized the site is rinsed and the moisture is sucked out of the carpet. Now the carpet is ready to be repaired.

Make Carpet Dye Color to Match

Now that the bleach spots are ready to be repaired, the next step is to make the dye. The dye used for carpet is unique to the manufacture which means you cannot buy perfectly matching dye for your carpet, To ensure the dye color matches the rest of the carpet it must be made on site. The dye color is made by mixing the proper amounts of the primary colors which are red, yellow, and blue. A professional has a lot of training in this part of the repair. They must mix the right amount of the color or it will not match. A professional will mix the dye until the color is a perfect match. Once the dye has been made, they will put the dye in a syringe or use a dropper to apply the dye. For large bleach spots other tools may be used to repair the carpet.

Best Way to Dye Carpet

When dyeing the carpet it is important to take the amount of time it needs for the dye to soak into the fibers of the carpet. A professional knows how to apply the dye slowly and rub or blend in the dye one layer at a time. In some cases you can apply too little dye or too much dye. This results in an uneven spot on the carpet. The dye must be applied in a way that ensures it matches the rest of the carpet. Once the dye has been applied, the site only needs a little bit of time to dry. For those who may wonder about the longer term results of the repair, know that the dye used will not wash out or transfer once they are dry. Additionally, the dyes used for carpets are non-toxic and completely safe.

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When your carpet develops bleach spots, it is not the end of the carpet. For professional bleach spot repairs and other carpet dyeing services, contact Carpet Dye-Tech today.

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