Pros of Hiring a Carpet Dye Contractor to Neutralize & Repair Bleach Spots with Carpet Dyeing in Columbus, GA

Bleach spots are notorious blemishes that can’t be removed by any simple methods. When bleach spots form on carpets they will require repair by properly recoloring the spots. Bleach spots are not the most simple type of blemish to repair. Instead, it often requires the aid of a professional carpet dyeing technician. Carpet Dye-Tech will share the benefits of a professional bleach spot repair and why you should always leave bleach spots to the professionals.

Bleach Spots Can’t Be Treated with Carpet Stain Methods

When a commercial or residential carpet develops bleach spots, most realize that these spots cannot be removed with any cleaning method. Bleach spots occur when the dye in the carpet is removed by a bleaching agent. In order to repair bleach spots, one must put the missing dye back into the carpet. When repairing bleach spots, there are many methods you can find online to repair these unsightly stains. However, they never meet the right expectations. When bleach spots need to be repaired, it is always best to seek out a professional bleach repair service.

Bleach Neutralizer for Carpet

A professional bleach repair service can repair the bleach spot like no other method can. A professional can perfectly match the color of the carpet when repairing the bleach spot. Repairing a bleach spot can be very tricky as there are different levels of bleach, which requires its own approach when repairing the bleach spot. Depending on the concentration of the bleaching agent that affected the carpet, the bleaching level will vary. Surprisingly, the more minor levels of bleach spots take more steps to repair than those that are more severe. Severe levels of bleaching will have no dye left in the carpet. Minor bleaching will have some dye or coloring left in the carpet. Minor bleach spots will require complete bleaching to properly repair the bleach spot. When repairing bleach spots in the case of minor bleaching, a professional will first complete the bleaching process and remove all of the pigment in the carpet. This part is essential as it provides a fresh start and more accurate repair. Next, the site will need to be cleaned to prevent any interference during dyeing process.

Perfect Carpet Dyeing Color Match

Once the site has been cleaned, a professional carpet dye technician will then create the dye formula. Creating the right dye formula to match the carpet is complex. However, a professional will have the knowledge and skills to perfectly match the color of the carpet. Once the dye formula has been created, the technician will apply the dye in varying small amounts, a little at a time. Too much dye can cause imperfect repairs. The dye is applied and slowly blended in to ensure the perfect repair.

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A professional service can properly and accurately repair bleach spots in homes and commercial settings. When you need bleach spots repaired, make sure to seek out a professional bleach repair service for the best results. For speedy yet perfect bleach spot repair, contact Carpet Dye-Tech and schedule our services today.

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