How to Remove Bleach Spots from Commercial Carpets in Sandy Springs, GA; Repair with Carpet Dyeing Color Restoration

For a commercial setting, the condition and appearance of the building’s carpet is essential. When the carpet develops a bunch of bleach spots, it can have a negative reflection of the care of the building and even the business itself. For a commercial setting, repairing unsightly bleach spots correctly is a priority to ensure the bleach spots disappear. A number of bleach spot repair attempts can leave repairs standing out. For perfect bleach spot repair, Carpet Dye-Tech will share how bleach spots are repaired properly when hiring a professional service.

Are Bleach Spots Stains?

Bleach spots, as many people well know, are not stains. Instead, they are a lack of color in the carpet. As a result, you cannot clean or remove a bleach spot. In order to repair it, you will need to restore the missing color. When a bleaching agent comes in contact with the carpet, it will remove the color of the carpet’s dye from the carpet. Once the dye has been removed from the carpet, you will need to replace the missing color to repair the carpet. When repairing the bleach spot there are a number of obstacles that the carpet dye technician will need to overcome.

Bleach Spot Repair Process of Carpet Color Restoration

When a bleach spot needs to be repaired, the first step is to evaluate the bleach spot. Depending on the level of bleaching, some bleach spots may require more bleaching. You will want all of the pigment removed from the carpet to ensure the color repairs match the rest of the carpet perfectly. If further bleaching is needed, then that is typically the first step in repairing the bleach spot. Once the bleach spot (if needed) has been bleached out of the site, the carpet will require a thorough cleaning. It is important that there are no chemicals or other substances in the site that needs repair. If there is any dirt, chemical or other substance in the carpet it can interfere with the dying process. Once the site has been cleaned, at this point the carpet can be dyed.

Perfect Carpet Dye Color Match

When dyeing the carpet, a professional carpet dye technician will create the dye formula on site. One of the hardest steps in repairing bleach spots is getting a dye that will match the rest of the color perfectly. A professional carpet dye technician is trained in dye formulas and know how to mix colors so that the dye will match perfectly with the rest of the carpet. Once the carpet dye is created, the technician will apply the dye in small amounts to ensure that there is not too much or too little dye. The technician may use a number of different tools to apply the dye. A carpet dye technician may use a syringe, an air brush tool, or a dropper. Once the dye is applied to the carpet, it will take a short time to dry. Bleach spot repair can be done rather quickly with the aid of a professional.

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When carpets have bleach spots in your commercial setting, do not hesitate to call for professional bleach spot repair. For bleach spot repair, carpet dyeing and more, contact Carpet Dye-Tech today.

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