How Do Dye Contractors Remove Bleach Spots on Carpets in Savannah, GA; Carpet Dyeing to Restore Color

Bleach spots are a common problem for all carpet owners. Bleach spots are no stranger to carpet in commercial or residential buildings. Bleach spots can completely ruin the aesthetics of a room or entire area. For a commercial setting such as a hotel, office or retail center, bleach spots can affect the profits as well. When bleach spots occur you can have them repaired and improve the aesthetics or your home or business. Carpet Dye-Tech would like to share some of the common ways bleach spots form and how bleach spots can be repaired.

Do Bleach Spots Stain Carpet?

As many people well know, bleach spots are not like your typical stain that alters the carpet by adding pigment. A bleach spot is essentially the opposite where the color has been removed from the carpet. When a bleaching agent comes in contact with the carpet, it can dissipate the dye removing the color from the affected area. Bleaching agents can be found in many different cleaning chemicals which is commonly accidentally spilled or misused on the carpet. However, there are other causes that can result in a bleach spot to form. For those who were swimming in a pool, used a towel to dry off and then dropped it on the carpet which was left there for an extended period of time, it can result in a bleach spot. Bleach spots can also form from foot creams and other hygienic products. If you discover a trail of bleach spot shaped foot prints, it is no surprise to discover it was due to foot creams.

Levels of Bleaching Carpet

When bleach spots form they can take on a variety of appearances. When people think of a bleach spot they imagine those white spots on the carpet. In extreme bleaching, yes, carpet will lose all pigment in the affected area and look white. However, more mild cases of bleach may result in a lighter or altered color. For example when some dye remains in a black carpet or rug, the bleach spot may look brown. Blue carpet may develop green spots and red carpets may look pink. Depending on the level of bleaching there may be extra steps involved when repairing the bleach spot.

How to Remove Bleach Spots

When repairing bleach spots, those minor ones may require the need to be bleached out further. You may not be able to add dye on top of a mild bleach spot as the color may not match. To ensure the color matches the rest of the carpet, bleach spots with some pigment will need to be fully removed. A professional carpet dye technician will apply a bleaching agent to finish stripping out the color in the carpet. If bleaching isn’t required, often the bleach spot site will be cleaned if needed. Once the carpet has been prepped then the technician will recreate the dye formula. Dyes are mixed together on site as there is no perfect premixed dye to match your carpet. As manufacturers will vary when it comes to their own dye formulas, it is hard to know what formula was used for your brand of carpet. The technician will have the ability to recreate the dye formula to accurately match your carpet. Once the dye formula has been mixed, the next step is to apply and blend the dye into the carpet. Repairing bleach spots can be done very quickly. However it will depend on the size and or number of bleach spots that need to be repaired.

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