How to Neutralize, Dye & Remove Bleach Spots from Carpet in Milton, GA to Restore Discolored Carpets

Have you ever wondered how bleach spots got onto your carpet? As many bleach spots are not much of a mystery, some bleach spots seem to appear out of nowhere. When bleach spots suddenly appear on carpet, you may wonder what caused it to happen and most importantly, can bleach spots be repaired. When seeking answers to these questions, Carpet Dye-Tech has the answers.

What Causes Bleach Spots

Bleach spots can be somewhat of a mystery at times. Where they come from in some cases can be very surprising. Natural blend/fiber carpet uses dyes to color the carpets. Dyes can be affected by a number of sources. One of the most and best known bleaching agent is well, bleach. Bleach and chlorine can strip out dye in the carpets. Bleach and chlorine can be found in many household cleaners and hygiene products as well. However, that is not all that can cause bleach spots. Sunlight can also be the cause of bleach spots. Sunlight can break down dye compounds, lightening up the carpets over time. When there is constant light coming through even a small hole, it can cause bleach spots. Another surprising source of bleach spots is pet urine. Pets that keep having accidents in the same spot can cause damage to the dyes. However, the frequent cleaning combined with the urine can cause bleach spots on certain types of carpet. When bleach spots form, they cannot be simply washed out like a regular stain since the damage has occurred to the pigment. Once bleach spots occur, you will need to have the bleach spot repaired.

How to Fix Discolored Bleach Spots on Carpet

The good news is that bleach spots, when they appear on the carpet, can be repaired. As a bleach spot is essentially the absence of dye or color in the carpet, basically color needs to be put back in. When repairing bleach spots there are a number of DIY repair methods you can try. However, be prepared for only lesser than perfect results. There is a reason why you will want a professional carpet dyeing service to repair bleach spots. One of the main reasons is their skill and understanding on how to match dyes perfectly. Every carpet manufacturer uses their own dye mixture which means even the same color, such as tan or green will be different. You cannot buy the perfect color dye to repair bleach spots. This is why a professional is necessary. They can recreate the dye mixture to ensure the color matches. When the bleach spot is repaired, it is also important not to add too much or too little dye or the repair will not blend in and match the rest of the carpet. A professional will also take all of the needed steps to properly repair the bleach spots. You do not simply put dye on top of the bleach spot. Depending on the level of bleaching, additional steps will be needed in order to repair the bleach spot perfectly. In some cases, further bleaching of the spot will be needed, along with cleaning the site. When needing bleach spot repair, seek professional bleach spot repair.

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