How to Fix Discolored Carpet Bleach Spots & Benefits of Professional Carpet Dyeing of Carpets in Johns Creek, GA

Bleach spots are a common problem that can occur on commercial as well as residential carpets. When bleach spots are discovered on the carpets, we want you to know they can be repaired. When repairing bleach spots you can do your own repairs or you can seek professional bleach spot repair. When bleach spots need to be repaired it is always better to seek out professional help. Carpet Dye-Tech will share the benefits of professional bleach spot repair services.

Is a Bleach Spot on Carpet Permanent or Can it Be Fixed?

As many people know, a bleach spot is a permanent light marking on the carpets. However, bleach spots are never truly permanent. A bleach spot can be repaired, so when looking for repair options you will find plenty of DIY methods online. Nevertheless, when you want perfect bleach spot repair, you will want a professional bleach spot repair service. There are many benefits of seeking out a professional bleach spot repair service and the most important one is perfect results.

Dye Contractors Get a Perfect Color Match when Dyeing Carpet

When repairing a bleach spot a professional service can ensure that the repairs blend in with the rest of the carpet, making sure the color matches perfectly. It is impossible to match the bleach spot with the carpet when you use repair kits. Dye kits do contain dyes with perhaps similar colored dye but dye kits never match factory dyes. Where the color may come close they will never match perfectly. A professional carpet dye technician creates the dye on site mixing the right dyes together to ensure the dye formula will match the rest of the carpet. A professional has the training to accurately create a dye formula. Not only does a professional have the ability to match the color of the repair with the rest of the carpet, they will also take all of the steps needed to ensure proper repairs.

How to Fix Discolored Carpet from Bleach Spills

Most people will do a basic cleaning of the site and then pour the dye over the bleach spot. However, that is not the correct way to repair the bleach spot. When repairing a bleach spot it needs to be evaluated first. When evaluating a bleach spot, a professional will be able to determine the level of bleaching. Not all bleach spots will have all of the color removed from the carpet. Some pigment can remain in the carpet, so when dyeing over these bleach spots, the repair might not match. At times bleach spots will require further bleaching to finish removing the rest of the pigment. Once all of the pigment has been removed, the bleach site will need thorough cleaning. A professional will clean and use an extraction machine to make sure nothing remains inside the carpet fibers. The carpet must be cleaned before dyeing the site to ensure that nothing in the carpet interferes with the dyeing process. A professional not only knows all of the proper steps to clean bleach spots but they can do so quickly. Depending on the size and or number of bleach spots they need to repair, bleach spot can be repaired promptly.

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When bleach repair needs to look great you will want to seek out a professional carpet dyeing service. For bleach spot repair, carpet dyeing and more, contact Carpet Dye-Tech today.

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