Professional Carpet Color Restoration of Bleach Spots in Johns Creek, GA; Perfect Match Carpet Dyeing & More

For a business, appearance is a major factor for the company. When the building is poorly maintained, including the carpet, it can have a negative effect of the business. One of the most common carpet problems are bleach spots. Bleach spots can become very distracting and make the carpet look unkempt. As many people well know, bleach spots are permanent blemishes that cannot be cleaned. However, a professional carpet dyeing service can repair bleach spots and restore the carpet’s beauty. Carpet Dye-Tech will explain how a professional repair for bleach spots for commercial buildings.

DIY VS Professional Bleach Spot Repairs

When a business develops bleach spots, employees and customers can become very distracted and even think negatively about the company. To ensure the business’s success a simple thing as repairing bleach spots can go a very long way. When bleach spots need to be repaired, it is always best to seek out a professional for perfect repairs. A professional carpet dyeing service often provides bleach spot repairs. A professional service knows all of the needed steps to properly repair bleach spots.

Neutralize Bleach Spots Before Carpet Dyeing

When repairing a bleach spot, there are many things that must be evaluated to ensure the bleach spot is repaired correctly. Most DIY bleach repair kits will only tell you to clean the site and apply the dye to restore the carpet’s color. However, there is must more to repairing a bleach spot. One of the first major considerations is the level of bleaching. Bleach spots vary in the level of bleaching, which means how bad the carpet was affected. When a bleaching agent comes in contact with the carpet, the effect of the bleach will depend on a few things. For example, how strong the bleaching chemical was, the amount that made contact with the carpet, and how long the bleach sat on the carpet. When exposure to the carpet is minimal, it is actually a more difficult bleach spot to repair. Minor bleaching often requires that the bleach spot needs to be bleached out completely. This extra step will ensure that the carpet repair matches perfectly. If some dyes remain in the carpet it can be more difficult if not impossible to repair the bleach spot and to match it perfectly.

Perfect Match Mixing Dye Color on Carpet

After the carpet has been bleached out (if needed) the site will need to be cleaned. The cleaning of the bleach spot is essential. If any bleaching chemicals are still present in the carpet, the repairs will fail. The site will be flushed with clean water and the vacuum will suck out the moisture in the carpet. Depending on the condition of the carpet, a cleaning solution may also be used. The site of the bleach spots will need to be mostly dry before they are dyed. When dyeing the carpet to repair the bleach spot, the technician will then create the dye formula. A professional carpet dye technician is able to recreate a dye mixture that matches the rest of the carpet. It is essential that the carpet dye is created on site as dye kits never match the carpet. Only with a professional carpet dye technician will you get perfect bleach spot repair results.

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