How to Fix Discolored Carpets in Tucker, GA; Carpet Dyeing Color Restoration for Bleach Spot Repair

Carpets are prone to bleach spots. Natural wool blend carpets are dyed after they have been manufactured. These dyes can break down when exposed to certain types of chemicals, primarily bleach and chlorine. If a carpet develops bleach spots, they cannot be cleaned and removed like stains. Bleach spots are permanent marks on the carpet. However, the good news is that bleach spots can be repaired. Carpet Dye-Tech will share how bleach spots are repaired.

Can Carpet Dye Contractors Perfectly Match Color of Carpets?

Bleach spots ruin the carpet’s aesthetics and quality. When bleach spots form on the carpet, they cannot be washed out or cleaned. This is because the dyes in the carpet have actually been stripped out or have broken down. However, as bleach spots are essentially the absence of dye, to repair the bleach spot you will need to replenish the dye in the carpet. This is the primary focus of bleach spot repair. When repairing bleach spots there are a number of steps to ensure the success of the bleach spot repair. If the needed steps are not taken, the repairs will not have the desired result. When bleach spots are repaired correctly, the restoration will completely match the rest of the carpet.

Professional Bleach Spot Repair on Carpet

The first step to perfect bleach spot repairs is that the bleach spot will need to be evaluated. During evaluation, certain aspects are considered such as the level of bleaching. We will determine if the site requires deep cleaning first, and what will be the best approach to applying the new dye. At times bleach spots may require further bleaching to remove all of the remaining dye in the carpet. If there is some dye that remains in the carpet, if not addressed, this will prevent perfect repairs. If more bleaching is needed, that will be the first physical step to repairing the bleach spot. As a bleaching chemical is used, the site will then need to be cleaned and thoroughly rinsed out. Cleaning the site is often done regardless as carpets can contain contaminants that may interfere with the dyes. Once the site is cleaned, the bleach spot will be dyed. When dyeing a bleach spot, a syringe, air brush tool, or even a dropper may be used. The application may vary depending on the size or number of bleach spots that are being dyed. When the dye is applied to the carpet, it is done using small doses as too much dye can create a darker spot. The dye is slowly applied and then blended into the carpet. A carpet dye technician will mix the dye on site to make sure they match the rest of the carpet more accurately. One of the benefits of professional bleach spot repair is that the dye will perfectly match the rest of the carpet. Pre-made carpet dyes that you can by on line isn’t the same mixture used to dye your carpet. Manufacturers create and use their own dye mixtures, which cannot be bought online. For perfect bleach spot repairs, use the professionals.

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To ensure all of the steps to perfect bleach spot repairs are taken and the dyes match the rest of the carpet flawlessly, contact Carpet Dye-Tech today.

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