How to Fix Discolored Carpet from a Bleach Spill in Woodstock, GA; Professional Bleach Spot Repair Carpet Dyeing

Carpets inside business complexes or in homes all develop nasty stains or worse; bleach spots. Bleach spots are every carpet owner’s nightmare. Bleach spots do not wash out or have seemingly any easy solutions when they occur. Bleach spots can, however, be repaired with the aid of a professional carpet dye repair service. Carpet Dye-Tech will explain how bleach spots are repaired and how the carpet can be restored.

DIY VS Professional Bleach Spot Repair

As many people well know, bleach spots permanently affect the carpet color unless they are repaired. Repairing bleach spots isn’t the easiest task. If not repaired correctly, bleach spot sites will remain obvious and the carpet never looks great again. There are many DIY bleach spot repair kits and tips one can find online. However, they never look good afterwards. With DIY bleach spot repair, it is impossible to accurately match the color with the rest of the carpet. This is because each manufacturer uses their own dyes which you cannot buy for personal use.

Bleach Neutralizer & Other Steps to Fix Bleach Spots on Carpet

When bleach spots occur on the carpet, the best solution is professional bleach spot repair. A professional service can accurately recreate the dyes so the repair matches the rest of the carpet. When a professional is called out to the home or business, they will first evaluate the bleach spot. Not all bleach spots are the same or require equal repair. When bleach spots develop, they each will have different levels of bleaching. In cases where the bleaching effects are mild, often some color pigment is still in the carpet. If this is the case the carpet will need to be bleached out more to remove the rest of the pigment from out of the carpet. To repair the bleach spot correctly, it is important that there isn’t any pigment in the carpet as it can prevent proper color correction. After a professional is done making the evaluation they will get to work. Often the first step is bleaching out the remaining color if needed. Next, the site will be cleaned to remove any particles or chemicals in the carpet that can prevent the dye from adhering to the carpet properly. One of the trickier steps of bleach spot repair is matching the dye with the rest of the carpet. The carpet dye tech will carefully create the dyes on site to match the color of the carpet. The dyes are slowly applied onto the carpet in small amounts. The dyes need time to soak into the carpet fibers. With each application, the color becomes more intense. It is important not to over dye the site or the site will be darker in appearance.

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When repairing bleach spots as done by a professional, the carpet can be corrected rather quickly. Not only can bleach spots be repaired fast by a professional, the repairs will match perfectly. For both commercial and residential carpet, perfect repairs makes a major difference in the carpet’s appearance. When bleach spots occur and you want timely and perfect bleach spot repairs, contact Carpet Dye-Tech and schedule our services today.

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