How to Fix Discolored Carpet from Oxygen or Chlorine Bleach Spots in Roswell, GA; Carpet Dyeing Color Restoration

Bleach is a chemical common in many households. These products are typically used to kill mildew and mold, among other disinfecting needs. Bleach is not only used to kill germs and bacteria, it is used to lighten many substances, including white laundry, lighter shades of grout, teeth, and hair, among other needs. With the many applications bleach has, it is a very useful aid, unfortunately, it has it down sides, especially when it connects to the carpet or furniture’s upholstery. With this in mind, we at Carpet Dye Tech would like to discuss the science of bleach and how we can help if it manages to find its way on your commercial or residential carpets.

Types of Bleach Spills

There are actually several different types of bleach, although we use the term bleach as if it was only one substance. Being that it is a water-based product that contains a chemical called sodium hypochlorite, the most popular is common household chlorine bleach. As it contains hydrogen peroxide or other compounds that release peroxide when mixed with water, another popular type of bleach is oxygen bleach. In the form of a chemical called calcium hypochlorite, bleach also comes as a powder.

How Bleach Changes the Color of Carpet

All of these types of bleaches can be used to whiten clothing. Since they kill mold, germs, and bacteria, they also make good cleaning agents. Often used to clean and disinfect hard surfaces in kitchens and bathrooms, for instances, a solution of bleach and water is employed. The bleaching process has been around for thousands of years, even though early man didn’t understand the science behind bleach. It is helpful to understand a bit about how colors work to understand how bleach removes color. In a process called oxidation, bleach works by releasing oxygen molecules. Released by bleach, the oxygen molecules break up the chemical bonds of chromophores. By our eyes, this absence of color is seen as white. Looking faded or bleached over time, the fabrics left out in the sun may also noticed discoloration. Though sunlight does not possess bleach, it works very similarly causing fabrics to lose their color much like the oxidation process with bleach, high energy ultraviolet sunlight can disrupt the chemical bonds in chromophores.

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As mentioned, the color is broken down with bleach and is not a stain. Rather, a chemical or solution that has physically stripped the dye from the fibers. The color or combination of the three primary colors are gone depending on whether the bleach spot is mild or severe. The professionals of Carpet Dye Tech is readily available to restore the carpet color to its original state. No matter if you have commercial or residential carpeting, our skilled technicians carefully match the existing color and dye the carpet’s fibers for a seamless restoration. Call our friendly office today to spare you the hassle and cost of replacing the carpets with the more affordable solution!

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