Bleach Neutralizer & Carpet Dyeing Color Restoration to Remove Bleach Spots from Carpets in Atlanta, GA

When a bleach spot forms on carpets, many people will wonder if their carpet can be saved? As many people well know, bleach spots are permanent blemishes that cannot be simply washed away. Some people feel like the only way to get rid of the bleach spot is to replace the carpet completely. However, there is an alternative. Carpet Dye-Tech will share how carpet with bleach spots can be saved and what the best steps are that a business or homeowner can take to save their carpets.

How is a Carpet Bleach Spot Different from a Stain?

Bleach spots are not like other stains where a substance has come in contact with the carpet and added coloration. A bleach spot is basically the opposite. A bleach spot is the absence of color in the carpet which makes bleach spots impossible to repair with any type of cleaning. Because of this, many people will assume the bleach spots are there to stay and they will need to replace their carpet. However, with a quick search online you can quickly learn that bleach spots can be repaired.

DIY VS Professional Carpet Dyeing Bleach Spot Repair

There are many DIY bleach spot repair or bleach spot repair kits you can try. However, DIY and bleach spot repair kit are strongly discouraged by a professional. Both DIY repair methods or bleach spot repair kits do not hold up or ensure perfect results. There are some DIY methods that use food coloring or even crayons to repair the bleach spot, which to say the least is ridiculous. The best DIY your self-option is to buy a bleach repair kit. However, you still will not get a great result. You can buy a carpet dye that promises to match your carpet’s exact color. However, this is simply not true. There are a ton of different carpet manufactures and each of them uses their own dye formula. This make matching the dyes impossible. To match the color perfectly you will need to track down the manufacturer that made your carpet and request a dye sample which they usually will not do. This is why a professional carpet dye service is recommended. A professional carpet dye technician undergoes a lot of training. One aspect of their training is knowing how to create dye formulas to perfectly match the color of the carpet that they need to repair.

How Carpet Dye Contractors Remove Bleach Spots

When bleach spots occur they can be repaired without the need to replace the carpet or have you undertake odd or ineffective bleach spot carpet repair. A professional carpet dyeing service that provides bleach spot repair can come and repair those distracting bleach spots. They will first clean the site before they will begin the dyeing process. In most cases, if the bleach spot still has some pigmentation, the technician may need to bleach out the spot more. Once the bleach spot has been prepped, then the carpet can be re-dyed. Once the carpet dye technician is finished, the bleach spot will be dyed to match the rest of the carpet perfectly.

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