How to Remove Bleach Spots from White or Other Color Carpet in Duluth, GA; Carpet Dyeing Repair & Restoration

Do you have bleach spots on your office, hotel or residential carpets? There are many people who believe they must live with bleach spots once they occur, until the carpets are replaced. Seeking out carpet replacements simply because of a few bleach spots seems maddening. However, there is another answer to bleach spots and that is with bleach spot repairs. Carpet dyeing services frequently repair and restore carpet, even those with bleach spots. Carpet Dye-Tech will share how bleach spots are repaired and carpet restored.

Mysterious Bleach Stains or Spots on Carpet?

First let’s talk about how bleach spots form. A bleach spot is when a bleaching agent is exposed to the carpet, causing the pigment to break down and vanish, leaving behind a whitish spot on the carpets. When carpets are first manufactured, the carpet is woven and then dyed later. The dyes used in carpet can vary. However, all dyes can break down when exposed to bleach. Synthetic carpet is a pre-colored before the fibers are woven and most synthetic carpet cannot be repaired. The more common wool and natural fiber blend carpets are dyed and they can be repaired if they have been exposed to bleach.

Carpet Color Restoration of Bleach Spots

When carpet has been exposed to a bleaching agent, depending on the level of exposure, the bleach spot will vary in appearance. When a diluted bleaching agent was exposed to the carpet for a short period of time the bleach spot may still have some color. However, the color of the bleach spot will look very different from the rest of the carpet. For example, black carpet with mild exposure may have a brownish bleach spot. When a stronger bleaching agent was exposed on the carpet and had more time to break down the dye, these bleach spots will look almost white.

How to Get Rid of White Bleach Spots on Carpet

Depending on the level of bleaching, the repair methods can vary. For example, those bleach spots with more mild cases of bleaching may require the need to be bleached out more. If the dyes applied to the bleach spot will prevent proper coloring matching, then the remaining pigment in the carpet must be removed. This is often the first step when needed. If the bleach spot is white and all of the pigment has been removed, then the site is ready to be dyed. Just before the carpet dye or after bleaching, if needed, the bleach spot site will be cleaned. Dirt and any remaining bleach in the carpet can interfere with the dyeing process. Once the site is cleaned then the bleach spot can be re-dyed. A professional carpet dye technician will recreate the dye formula by adding the right mixture of the primary colors. Pre-made dye never matches properly which is why a professional carpet dye professional will create the dye from scratch. Once the dye mixture has been made, the dye is injected or applied onto the carpet. Applying small amounts of dye at a time, the technician will slowly blend the dye into the carpet until the bleach spot is gone.

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By using a professional carpet dyeing service your bleach spot can be gone and your carpet restored within a few hours or less. For bleach spot repairs, contact Carpet Dye-Tech.

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