Are Bleach Spots Stains that Can Be Removed in Johns Creek, GA? Carpet Dyeing Color Restoration & More

One of the most frequently asked questions about bleach spots on carpets, is if the bleach spot can be repaired. When a bleaching agent comes in contact with carpet, it can leave business and residential owners feel like their carpets are now ruined. They often look for help and seek ways to repair their carpets or face premature carpet replacement. For those seeking answers, Carpet Dye-Tech would like to say “yes, carpet bleach spots can be repaired.” With bleach spot repair services, your carpets can be restored and following is how it is done.

Why Does Bleach Change the Color of Carpet?

When a bleaching agent is exposed to the carpet it will break down the dye until there is no pigment left in the carpet. Depending on how much or how long the exposure of a bleach agent was on the carpet there can be various levels of bleaching. When enough bleach was left on the carpet for too long a period of time, it will remove all pigmentation out of the carpet, leaving behind a pale spot on the carpet. In more mild levels of exposure, there may only be slight lightening or discoloration that can occur, which is hard to correct. There are many well-known spots that cannot be washed away or cleaned with a cleaner. Bleach is one of them. Bleach spots require new dyes be put back in at the site the bleaching occurred or over the bleach spot.

How to Fix Discolored Bleach Spots?

Depending on the level of exposure, some bleach spots may require further bleaching to remove all of the pigment out of the carpet to produce a clean start. A carpet dye technician will first finish bleaching out the site if needed. The next step is to clean and neutralize the site. It is important that there is no bleach still inside the carpet or it will affect the dyes. The site will be rinsed with cold water and dried out. Then the carpet dye technician will recreate the dye formula that was used on the carpet. It is essential that a professional carpet dye technician recreate the dye formula or the carpet repair will end up worse than before. Too many people will use odd DIY bleach spot repairs such as using crayons or buying carpet dye that promises to match your carpet colors. However, each carpet manufacture uses their own unique dye blends which makes it impossible to match perfectly. A professional carpet dye technician has the proper training and knows how to recreate dye formulas to ensure the repair matches perfectly. Once the dyes are created, then the carpet dyeing technician will apply the dye in small amounts at a time to blend the dyes in as they go. You never want to apply too much or too little dye as it will not look right in the end. Once the dye has been carefully applied, then the carpet will take a short time to dry. Once dry, the carpet is considered fully restored. Both solid colored and multi-colored carpets can be repaired. Depending on the size and number of bleach spots that require repair, it can take anywhere from 30 minutes to 4 hours.

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For those who have nasty bleach spots on their carpet and need help restoring their carpets, contact Carpet Dye-Tech today.

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