Professional Hotel Carpet Dyeing Services in Bradenton, FL; Bleach Spot Removal, Color Change & More

Hotels have many areas within their building that utilize carpets as their primary flooring. Carpets are often found in the hotel’s guest rooms, lobby, conference rooms and throughout the many hallways. Carpets are great sound absorbors and reduce the bustling noises that occur in a hotel. As hotels strive to maintain clean carpets, they often seek carpet dyeing services to help maintain the carpet colors and extend the life of their carpets. Carpet Dye-Tech will share the many abilities of carpet dyeing services that can further help hotels manage their carpets.

Carpet Revival Cleaning

Carpets in hotels are typically a high quality carpet that is manufactured to last decades. Hotels will frequently vacuum and clean their carpets to ensure their longevity. However, over time, carpet can lose their color for a number of reasons. Carpets, when cleaned, are sensitive to the PH level. If it’s too high, it can cause the dyes to fade. When carpets are cleaned with water that is too hot, it can cause the dyes to bleed out. Another common problem are windows. Carpet exposed to constant sunlight will sustain UV damage which breaks down the dye compounds. As there are a number of elements that can cause fading and discoloration of the carpet, carpet often demand color revival.

Carpet Dyeing Process

Carpet dyeing service can help restore the carpet’s color regardless as to the cause of the fading. Carpets that have lost their color can easily be restored especially in hotels. Due to the care and quality of hotel carpet’s they are a perfect candidate for carpet dyeing services. There are many different ways carpet dyeing services help maintain carpet in hotels. Essentially, a carpet dye technician accurately matches the carpet dye and applies fresh dye back in the carpet. Carpets that are solid in color or have diverse patterns and multiple coloring can also be dyed. However, each type of pattern and surface design often requires different dyeing methods. Carpets that have diverse patterns or uses multiple colors often requires a hands on approach and the carpet will be dyed in smaller sections. Solid colored carpets are often dyed with a carpet dyeing machine or a sprayer.

Change Color of Carpet

Hotels don’t just need carpet dyeing to maintain the carpets color. They can also use carpet dyeing services to change their carpet color. Yes, carpet can also be dyed a different color if the hotel finds the need for some color changes. Changing the carpet color is essentially the same as in regular carpet dyeing but uses a different dye formula to alter the carpet’s color. When changing the carpet’s color, keep in mind that the carpet can only be dyed a darker color.

Stain Removal & Bleach Spot Repair

There are many other services carpet dyeing technicians can do to help maintain hotel carpets. As many well know, carpets are prone to stains, some even permanent. Carpet stains can be easily repaired with carpet dyeing. A carpet dye technician can determine the right dye formula to apply over the stains to remove the stain’s appearance. Bleach spots are also easily repaired.

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