Casino Carpet Dyeing in Cherokee, NC; Color Change Dye Contractors, Bleach Spot Repair & More

Within the State of North Carolina, you can find many casinos that offer high stakes games, lodging and a good time. Casinos seek to please their guests and want to ensure a pleasant experience. Casinos are dedicated to keeping their building appealing as well as its overall care. At times, specialty services are needed to help certain aspects of the casino. One aspect is the carpets. There are times that carpet requires more than just vacuuming and cleaning. Casinos frequently seek out a carpet dyeing service for a number of carpet restoration services. Carpet Dye-Tech will share how carpet dyeing services helps to restore the carpets in casinos.

Dyeing of Casino Carpet

Carpets in casinos are often red or bright colors to make the casino look and feel more exciting. However, red and other bright and bold colors, are prone to fading and discoloration. As casinos constantly vacuum and clean their carpets, it can cause the dye to bleed out during the frequent cleanings. Additionally, North Carolina’s climate is very humid throughout much of the year, with only a few months of dryer weather. Humidity has an impact on carpet which can cause the carpet to shrink and become discolored. Casino carpets are often a higher quality carpet that can last for decades. However, as they fade and appear dull, casino owners will seek carpet dyeing services to restore the carpet’s color. Carpet can be re-dyed the same color to revive and brighten the carpet after years of constant foot traffic and bleeding. Both solid and pattern or multi-colored carpet can be dyed and restored.

Color Change of Casino Carpet

As the carpet in a casino is a considerable investment to the building, replacing carpet is often not the most economical option. When the casino wishes to change the color of the carpet, they are often faced with expensive and time consuming carpet replacements. Instead of replacing perfectly good carpet, they can be dyed a new and different color with carpet dyeing services. Carpet color can be changed with the right dyeing mixture. However, carpet can only be dyed a darker color and can never go lighter as the new dye mixes with the original dyes in the carpet.

Carpet Stain and Bleach Spot Repair

Carpet in casinos are frequently stained due to spills from drinks such as wine. Drinks and food in a casino can greatly affect the carpets and some can be near impossible to remove. Carpet dyeing services can help remove the appearance of certain stains. Another common blemish in casinos is bleach spots. Bleach and other similar substances can remove the pigment out of carpets permanently. To restore bleach spots, the dye needs to be put back into the carpet fibers. A carpet dye technician can accurately determine the dye formula and put the dye back into the carpet, removing the bleach spot.

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As North Carolina is a humid and subtropical climate, the carpets are constantly affected. In a casino there are other elements from food, drinks and even smoking that can impact the carpet’s color. When your casino needs the carpet’s color and appearance restored, contact Carpet Dye-Tech and schedule our carpet dyeing services today.

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