Carpet Dyeing for Condos in Brookhaven, GA; How Carpet Dye Contractors Restore Color of Carpets

For those who simply love their condos and take great pride in its care and appearance, there may be one aspect of the condo’s care that you may find challenging; the carpets. Carpets in condominiums isn’t just an option for some. In many states throughout the east coast, carpet care is a requirement. Carpets inside condos are easily prone to fading, discoloration and stains. As the dedicated condo owner may vacuum and schedule professional carpet cleanings, it doesn’t always stop carpet from losing its color or developing stubborn stains. Carpet Dye-Tech will share how carpet dyeing services aid and benefit condo owners and help them maintain clean and beautiful carpets.

Causes of Carpet Fading & Discoloration

Carpets can fade due to a number of different reasons or causes. Carpets can fade simply by constant UV exposure, high HP levels found in water during carpet cleaning, or from soiling and time. Carpet can become discolored from high levels of smoke exposure or even due to a negative reaction in the carpet adhesives. There can be an endless supply of substances that can stain carpet and some permanently. When the carpet in a condo is affected by these aesthetic damaging elements, carpet dyeing services can help reverse and repair the condo’s carpets. There a number of different services that can help restore carpet in condominiums.

How Carpet is Dyed

For carpets that are faded or discolored, the carpet color can be restored. A carpet dye technician can reuse the same dye formula that created the original coloring for the carpet. Using a sprayer tool or carpet dyeing machine, the technician applies the dye back into the carpet fibers. Once the carpet is dry, the carpet color will be vibrant once again. Carpets may require the need to be cleaned before they can be dyed to ensure the service quality. The dyes used are all non-toxic and will not transfer and rub away, which is a common concern for condo residences.

How Carpet Dye Contractors Can Change Color of Carpet

If desired, the carpets can also be dyed a different color altogether. Common after repainting, sometimes the current color of the carpet no longer fits the new color themes within the condo. A carpet dye service can also change the color of the carpets with a more harmonious color. When changing the carpet color, know that the color can only go darker in most cases as a new layer of dye will be applied over the old dye, creating a darker color.

Bleach Spot Repair

Carpets that have a few nasty stains aren’t a lost cause. In fact, they can be easily and quickly repaired. A carpet dye technician is prepared to repair bleach spots and even stains. Some stains are often required to be bleached out and then re-dyed the same color as the rest of the carpet. Bleach spots only need a new application of dye in the affected area to repair the carpet.

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Before undergoing expensive carpet replacement in your condo, contact Carpet Dye-Tech. We can help restore your carpets and ensure both clean as well as vibrant beautiful carpets. Contact Carpet Dye-Tech and schedule our services today!

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