Carpet Dyeing Repair & Restoration of Carpets with Fading & Discoloration in Fort Myers, FL

Carpets inside churches that have become faded are frequently repaired with carpet dyeing services. Many church administrators use carpet dyeing services when the carpet begins to lose its color. One of the common questions that is asked is “why do carpets fade?” There are actually a number of reasons or causes as to why carpet fades and lose their color. Carpet Dye-Tech will share why carpet fades and how carpet dyeing services restore faded carpets inside churches and many other commercial settings.

Common Causes of Carpet Fading & Color Loss

Churches vary in size and purpose. Some churches are small while others are large and have activity rooms, classrooms and more. As churches vary, so do the reasons behind the fading carpets inside them. Carpets, or the dyes in carpets, can be affected by a number of elements. One of them is PH levels. When the PH level in the water used to clean carpet is off, it can cause the dye compound to break apart which makes the color look lighter. It’s important that the water PH levels are tested before cleaning the carpet or it can cause carpet to fade. Another similar culprit to carpet fading is when water that is too hot is used to clean carpets. Some carpet fabric blends can bleed out the dye in the carpet when water that is too hot is used. This is a common mistake when steam cleaning the carpet. Most professional cleaners often avoid this mistake. Therefore, it is more common during DIY carpet cleaning. If a church administrator chooses to buy their own carpet equipment and clean their own carpets, avoid using water that is too hot when cleaning the carpets. Another common contributor for faded carpets is sunlight. The UV rays that enter through windows can cause the dye compounds to lighten, much like bleach. When sunlight constantly hits the carpet, the exposed areas tend to fade.

Carpet Discoloration Repair

When carpets inside churches fade and lose their color, they can be repaired. With carpet dyeing services, the answer is simple. The carpet simply needs a fresh application of dye. A carpet dye technician can accurately determine the carpet’s original dye formula. Depending on the carpet’s condition, the carpets in the church may need to be cleaned before the dye can be applied. Often dirt and other contaminants can interfere or alter the dye. Once carpets are cleaned, the dye can then be applied. Carpet dyeing can be done with a sprayer tool, or a carpet dye machine similar to that of a carpet cleaning machine. When using a sprayer, the dye is applied and a carpet tool is used to blend in the dye. If the carpet inside the churches have multiple colors and patterns, a hands on approach is often needed. Dyeing small sections at a time, with a handheld dyeing tool, is used to dye each pattern and color in the carpet. Once dyed, carpets look renewed. It also extends the life of the carpet.

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