Carpet Dyeing for Assisted Living Housing in Palm Bay, FL; Color Change, Restoration, Bleach Spot Repair & More

Carpet is a widely used flooring material that helps to dampen noises, improve energy efficiency and provide a soft surface. You will find carpet used in many different settings including assisted living facilities. As carpets have many benefits, particularly for assisted living facilities, maintaining the carpet can be a challenge. Proper carpet care often involves frequent vacuuming and carpet cleaning. However, when carpet develops nasty stains or lose their color, most managers or owners will simply replace the carpet. Before investing in expensive carpet in assisted living facilities, consider having the carpet restored with carpet dyeing. Carpet Dye-Tech will share how carpet dyeing services can help reclaim carpets that have lost their color, develop stains and more.

Causes of Carpet Yellowing, Browning, Fading & Discoloration

For assisted living facilities it is essential to maintain the building, including the carpets. With a number of residents and visitors that come into the facility, carpet often needs frequent vacuuming and cleaning. Carpet will often fade due to a number of reasons. When they do fade, carpets tend to look shabby and even dirty regardless as to how often they are cleaned. Stains from coffee, inks, red wine and other substance can leave a permanent stain in the carpet forever, bleach spots strip the color from carpet altogether, and even over-cleaning can result in dull, faded carpets. It may seem the carpet has reached the end of its life. However, faded or badly stained carpets can be restored.

Carpet Dyeing Restoration

Carpet dyeing services specialize in coloring carpet, especially those that are faded or discolored. A carpet dyeing service can often match the original color of the carpet. The technician will apply the proper dye, restoring its color. When dyeing carpet, a carpet dyeing machine can be used or even a sprayer to apply the dye over the carpet. The dyes used are non-toxic and won’t pose any safety hazards for the residents. Once the dye is dry, it won’t rub away or transfer onto socks or other clothing. Restoring faded carpets greatly help the aesthetics of the assisted living facilities and will prolong the life of the carpet.

Carpet Color Change

If the assisted living facility changes the look or color inside the building and wants the carpet to be more cohesive to the new changes, carpet color can be changed as well. Carpets can be dyed a new color. However, there are some limitations. Primarily, carpet can be dyed any darker color and not a lighter color. Since dye is being added to the original coloring of the carpet, it will result in darker colors.

Bleach Spot Repair

When spots and stains occur in assisted living facilities, it can have a negative reflection on the building and its maintenance. Luckily, any blemish can be repaired. Bleach spots aren’t stains. Bleach actually removes the carpet’s pigment. To repair bleach spots, the carpet just needs the dye put back into the carpet. Discolored stains often need to be bleached intentionally, and then the right color put back into the carpet.

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Assisted living facilities can have beautiful carpets with vibrant colors and no stains with carpet dyeing services. To help prolong the life of the carpet inside assisted living facilities carpet, which can save hundreds of dollars on carpet replacement, seek carpet dyeing services. Carpet Dye-Tech is experienced in servicing assisted living facilities and other commercial settings. To schedule our services, contact Carpet Dye-Tech today!

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