Professional Commercial Cinema & Movie Theater Carpet Dyeing Services in Jacksonville, NC

A movie theater is a place many will gather for a few hours of entertainment and enjoy time with friends, loved ones and family. With so many people coming in and out of movie theaters each day it comes as no surprise the carpet inside the theater requires constant cleaning and care. Carpet in every commercial setting has its own set of challenges. In a movie theater the carpets must combat soiling due to high traffic as well as stains from snacks or drinks. Movie theater carpet doesn’t last long and it requires the need to be replaced frequently. However, carpet dyeing services is helping a number of commercial settings, including movie theaters restore and extend the life of their carpets. Carpet Dye-Tech will share how carpet dyeing services is helping to save carpets that are still in good condition.

Carpet Fade & Discoloration

Carpets in movie theaters undergo lots of foot traffic, especially in the halls leading to the different theaters. Movie theaters often use red or patterned carpets with a high dense pile. To prevent soiling in the carpet, which is identified by gray streaks in the carpet, the movie theater must vacuum daily and clean the carpets frequently. For theaters that have reds and other brighter colors which are prone to such high use, these colors fade faster when cleaned frequently or improperly. Another common problem for carpet in movie theaters is stains from drinks and snacks. Some of the product ingredients contain food color which is basically a consumable dye. If these dyes soak into the carpet, it can result in a permanent stain. Due to the many problems movie theater managers and owners encounter when cleaning their carpets, it is no wonder they are forced to replace the carpet before it has had time to age. However, carpet dye services can restore the carpets.

Professional Spray & Syringe Carpet Dyeing Process

Carpet dyeing services can help restore carpet that has been stained or is faded. When a carpet service comes to a commercial setting they will first inspect the carpet and then thoroughly clean the carpet. Cleaning is essential since this step prevents any interference during the dyeing process. The carpet is then dyed. There are many methods carpet dying technicians will use. It will depend on the condition and needs of the carpet. When the carpet is dyed the movie theater can choose to dye the carpet its original color, which restores the carpet’s vibrancy, have the carpet dyed a darker shade or change the carpet color all together. There are limitations to what color the carpet can be changed to. Typically, since we’re adding color to the existing color, the carpet can be dyed any darker color. When carpets are dyed, a non-rub and non-toxic dye is used. The dye won’t transfer after it is dry and the dyes are made from natural sources. The entire dyeing process varies on time, depending if solid carpet is being dyed or patterned carpets. Of course size is a factor as well. However carpets can be dyed and restored much faster than replacing carpets, often ready to walk on the same day. Another common service is stain repair, which uses the same dyeing methods but on a much smaller scale.

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