Carpet Dyeing for Car Dealerships & Auto Malls; Bleach Spot Repair, Restoring Faded Carpets & More

Carpets are found in a number of commercial settings, including auto malls or dealerships. Dealership centers are unique in the sense where carpet is placed and is often used. Dealerships have showcase rooms that are sometimes carpeted. They also place carpet in the office, lobbies, and waiting areas. Carpets are spread throughout dealerships and the carpets do undergo unique situations and require unique needs. Carpet Dye-Tech will share how carpet in dealerships benefit from carpet dyeing services.

Carpet in Auto Malls

As stated, carpet in dealerships have carpet in many areas. These carpets are exposed to heavy foot traffic and even wear from vehicles. Show rooms are often carpeted and designated attractions are brought inside to help promote new models and to boost sales. Car salesmen often depend on making a sale for their livelihood, which is why it is important that the facility remains clean and orderly. When a buyer comes to a dealership that looks run down, it can have a negative outlook on the cars. This is where carpet dyeing service plays a major role. Carpet in dealerships need to be maintained, kept clean and looking like new. Therefore, in many cases a dealership will replace carpets to maintain appearances. However, carpet dye can restore carpet in otherwise good condition, to look like new, which saves money and time. Carpet dyeing is fast and can prevent costly premature carpet replacement.

Dyeing Carpet Same or Darker Color

There are a number of methods used to revive or recolor carpet to restore them after color discoloration, stains, and fading have had their effect. When carpets begin to lose their color, which can occur from heavy foot traffic, sunlight exposure or even from carpet cleaning, the carpets can begin to look old and worn down before their time. Carpet color can be fully restored by re-coloring the carpet, which is putting the dye back in. The carpet can be dyed its original color, or the dealership also has the option to change the carpet’s colors. Changing the color is often done when the interior design or color theme of the dealer changes and the dealership wants a carpet to match. However, there are some limitations to what color the carpet can be changed to. This option often depends on the carpet’s current color and how the dyes will react. Redyeing the carpet its original or a darker color is always possible and usually is much easier and faster. After the carpet is cleaned and dyed, it essentially looks new again and extends the life of the carpet.

Bleach Spot Repair & Stain Removal

Another major service carpet dyeing is used for is carpet stains. There are two types of stains: those that strip out the dye of the original carpet such as bleach spots, and the other is when the dye is contaminated with other substances which alter the carpet color. Some of the best examples are ink stains, and drinks that contain food coloring. The worst being red food dyes. When the carpet has been cleaned and some of the discoloration remains, it can cause the entire carpet to look simply awful. Stains can easily be removed using a carpet dyeing service. Depending on the type of stain it can vary, but basic dye is used to blend the stain in and match the rest of the carpet.

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There are many commercial centers using carpet dyeing to help restore their carpets, including a number of dealerships. Carpet dye is quick, safe and can help save money. For professional carpet dyeing services, contact Carpet Dye-Tech today.

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