DIY Carpet Dyeing & Bleach Spot Removal Mistakes to Avoid in Orlando, FL; Crayons, Hair Dye & More

Many carpets suffer from discoloration, fading and stains, even on newer carpets. Carpets can become faded and stained by a number of elements which is why carpet dyeing services are often used to help restore the carpet’s color and extend the life of the carpet. However, many people will use a low quality carpet dyeing service or even attempt their own carpet dyeing. If carpet dyeing isn’t done correctly or the wrong methods are used, often the damage cannot be undone. There are a lot of misconceptions about carpet dyeing. Carpet Dye-Tech would like to share the common mistakes that are done during carpet dyeing and why it is essential to use an experienced and quality carpet dyeing service.

Can Crayons Cover Up Bleach Spots on Carpet?

There are many DIY carpet dyeing methods out on the internet and many more carpet dyeing kits you can buy. However, carpet dyeing isn’t that simple and depending on how you choose to dye the carpet any mistakes made may be irreversible. When dyes are added they can’t be removed and often will leave a permanent discoloration in the carpet. One of the most popular of the DIY mistakes is when bleach spots are repaired. When bleach spots are repaired often dye kits are used, or worse, many people attempt to use crayons to repair bleach spots. Repairing bleach spots requires an understanding of how dyes work and how the dye interacts with the carpet fibers. Often the wrong dye or mixture is used and crayons can never match the color of the carpet. In addition, the wax in crayons doesn’t actually dye the fibers.

Does Vinegar Remove Carpet Bleach Spots?

There is a major misconception that white vinegar can restore the color in carpet. Vinegar is used to kill bacteria in the carpet and has no affect on the carpet color. When bleach stains occur or carpet fades, the dye in the carpet is lost and can’t be restored. The only way to restore carpet color is by adding dye back into the carpet.

Hair Dye & Other DIY Carpet Dyeing Mistakes

Many people will attempt to use hair dye to color the fiber of carpet. Where hair dye can work on natural fibers it usually dyes the carpet fibers darker than hair and leaves a permanent stain during bleach spot correction. Other substances used to dye carpet that people mistakenly use are ink, sharpies/markers, coffee grounds, and even paint. Essentially these items are staining the carpet and never match the carpet’s color and will fade over time.

DIY VS Professional Carpet Dyeing

For those who wish to repair their own carpet stain or dye their carpet you will always want to use a carpet dye. You can find carpet dye kits on the market. However, there is a danger of ruining the carpet even with carpet dyeing kits. When carpets were first introduced, the manufactured color selection was limited to only a handful of colors. Repair kits are geared toward these few colors, even today. Modern carpets can now be bought in a large variety of colors and each brand or manufactured color varies. No one manufacturer uses the same color tan for eample. Kits are simply not versatile enough to properly match each carpet color. A professional carpet dyeing technician has a wide assortment of dyes. They are trained to identify and recreate the color of the carpet. This is essential when repairing bleach stains.

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When repairing bleach spots or even dyeing the entire carpeted area, you will want to use a professional service that has the experience and training to ensure the carpet is properly restored. For quality carpet dyeing services, contact Carpet Dye-Tech today.

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