How Bleach Works to Change Carpet Color in Ocala, FL & How to Fix Spots from Spilled Bleach

What is a bleach spot and why do they seem impossible to remove? Bleach spots can permanently leave tell-tale marks in clothing, linens, carpets and rugs. Most people understand that bleach can leave a blemish in carpets and rugs, but not many understand how bleach actually removes the pigment of the color. Carpet Dye-Tech would like to fully explain how bleach affects carpets and how you can restore your carpet or rug even after it has been damaged by bleach.

Bleach Spills on Carpet?

Bleach is often used for cleaning white linens as a washing detergent. Bleach is also well-known as a strong cleaner that kills and sterilizes a surface. When mold, blood and other organisms are found, bleach is used to kill them and maintain a cleaner atmosphere. In most cases, bleach isn’t used on carpet or rugs on purpose, but in most cases is accidentally spilled or used if the bottle was mislabeled or when warnings went unheeded. When bleach is used on carpet fabric or on rugs, the affects can be reduced if quickly removed. However, in most cases that never happens.

How Does Bleach Change Carpet Color?

Bleach contains hypocloric acid which is a strong oxidizer. This is what causes dyes to become colorless. Most dyes are created from an organic chemical that has two adjoining carbon bonds, which reflects color or pigment. When the bleach interacts with these organic molecules, the two bonds break up which makes the dye colorless. Depending on the exposure time, the dye is affected on varying scales. This is why some bleach spots may appear discolored, look blue, or may even appear to look green. Red colors may appear pink or orange. Depending on the dye, the discoloration varies. However, prolonged exposure, where the bleach has had enough time to break the bond apart, can result in a light cream and even white color. When bleach spills or is accidentally used on rugs or carpets, it will leave a permanent spot. There are many DIY bleach removal techniques. However, when the damage is done it is done. Bleach spots cannot simply be removed. Nonetheless, they can be repaired.

How to Fix Bleach Spots

When bleach spots appear on the carpet or rug, many people feel as if the carpet or rug must be replaced. However, bleach spots are actually easily repaired. Since spills from bleach results in the absence of color or dye all that needs to be done is to add dye back into the carpet or rug. Professional bleach spot repair services can quickly and easily repair the blemish. The site of the bleach spot is first cleaned to ensure there is no remaining bleach in the rug or carpet and there are no other contaminants that may interfere with the repair process. A dye technician then creates a dye mixture that matches the dye of the rug or carpet. The dye is applied in small amounts at a time, often by hand. The dye is worked softly back into the carpet. The dye technician takes their time making sure the dye has time to react to the fiber and is slowly blended into the carpet. Once completed the bleach spot is erased restoring the rug or carpet.

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Bleach repair is become essential for many commercial settings. Before replacing expensive carpet due to a few blemishes caused by bleach, have Carpet Dye-Tech help repair your carpets. For professional carpet dye services, contact Carpet Dye-Tech today.

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