Professional Carpet Dyeing of Classrooms, Offices & More in Tampa, FL Schools

Carpet is commonly used in school classrooms for many reasons. In addition to carpet looking great and providing a soft and padded surface for kids to play and work on, carpet also helps reduce the noise of children which results in an environment conducive to learning. Carpet is also commonly used in school administrative areas to help maintain a professional standard. However, maintaining carpets can be a bit tricky, especially when the carpet is exposed to high foot traffic. Carpet Dye-Tech will share how carpet dyeing service is helping schools across the United States!

Carpet Discoloration in Classrooms

When you talk about carpet found in schools, some of the common wear on the carpet is from high foot traffic and of course, stains. Often school classrooms also feature many large windows. If they face the direction of the sun, some of the carpet is exposed to sunlight where the UV rays can cause the carpet’s color to fade. Fortunately, carpet can be recovered after discolorations, fading and stains with carpet dyeing services.

Does Carpet Dyeing Work?

There are many ways carpet dyeing can help maintain and extend the life of the carpet in schools. The carpet can be cleaned and dyed to restore the carpet’s color. Solid color carpet and even multi colored carpet can be dyed back to their original color, even after fading or discolorations. Stains can also be dyed over to remove the appearance of permanent stains including bleach spots. Carpet can also be dyed an entirely new color. Often school administrators wish to have a darker colored carpet which helps reduce the appearance of high traffic patterns and stains that frequently occur within classrooms.

Carpet Dyeing Methods Dye Contractors Use

Carpet dyeing uses different methods to dye the carpet, depending on the types of carpet. However, the process is the same. When carpets are dyed, first the carpet is thoroughly cleaned. It is essential that carpet is clean before it is dyed to ensure there are no substances in the carpet that may interfere or alter the dye. Once the carpet is cleaned, the dye is then applied. Some methods of application are with a carpet cleaning and dye machine, or a hand help sprayer that injects the dye into the carpet, followed up with a blending tool. Carpet with patterns or those with multiple colors often take the longest to dye. This is because the carpet dye technician will dye the carpet in small sections at a time with a small air brush like tool.

Is Carpet Dyeing Safe for Kids?

There are many concerns when dyeing carpet in centers geared towards children. Know that carpet dyeing from Carpet Dye-Tech is completely safe. The dyes used for the carpet are non-toxic and made from natural materials. The dye is also non-transferable and won’t rub off. Carpet dyeing is faster and cheaper than carpet replacement which is why many commercial sites are using carpet dyeing to extend the life of their carpets.

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