Professional Commercial Carpet Dyeing to Restore Carpets in Raleigh, NC Funeral Homes

There are a number of commercial settings that use carpet throughout the building, including Funeral Homes. Carpets are widely used for a number of reasons. However, they often look dull, get stains or lose their color before they fully wear out. Replacing carpet can be expensive but necessary to maintain appearances. However you can save the cost of replacing carpet by restoring them with commercial carpet dyeing services. Carpet Dye-Tech will share how we can help maintain and extend the life of carpet for funeral homes and other commercial facilities.

Benefits of Carpeting in Funeral Homes

Carpets are used in funeral home for many reasons. First is for noise reduction. Funeral homes are a place where many will come to pay their final respects to those who have passed and to the loved ones left behind. Carpets help reduce the sound of footsteps, voices and other distractions that may occur. Additionally, carpet helps provide a cleaner environment. Maintaining clean carpets is easy. All that is needed is to regularly vacuum the carpet and schedule periodic cleaning.

Carpet Dyeing VS Replacement

However, when carpets become stained, the color becomes dull, or the funeral home wishes to change the color or look of the carpet, the carpet is often replaced. Replacing carpet can be expensive and takes quite a bit of time depending on the size and shape of the room or area. Before replacing the carpets, consider having the carpets restored with carpet dyeing. Carpet dyeing has been restoring carpets in many commercial settings, including funeral home.

Hiring Commercial Carpet Dye Contractors

Commercial carpet dyeing can help restore carpet in many ways. Carpets often suffer from bleeding which refers to the dye in the carpet fading out. Carpet also fades from over-cleaning or even from sunlight exposure. Carpets often become marred permanently from chemicals such as bleach. When carpets lose their color or become stained, it can create a negative appearance on the funeral home.

Color Revival Carpet Cleaning, Full Room Carpet Redye & More

One of the more common carpet dyeing services utilized in a funeral home is total carpet dyeing. When the carpet becomes faded or dull, they often need to be re-dyed to restore the color. The carpet is first cleaned and then the dye is added back into the carpet, restoring the carpets color. Similar services often used in funeral homes is carpet being dyed a different color. It is important that carpet is clean before dyeing occurs. Once the carpet is cleaned, the carpet can be dyed. The funeral home can choose what color they want to change the carpets to. There are some limitations as to what color the carpet can be changed. The determining factor is the current color of the carpet. Additional services that can help funeral homes is bleach spot removal as bleach strips the color out of carpet. The bleach spot can be dyed to perfectly match the surrounding carpet color.

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Carpets often lose color before they wear out, especially in funeral homes. Before replacing the carpet consider restoring them with carpet dyeing. Carpet dyeing is significantly lower than the cost of replacement. Additionally, it can be done much faster than replacement. If you own or manage a funeral home and need to restore your carpet’s color, contact Carpet Dye-Tech.

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