Commercial Carpet Dyeing in Pensacola, FL Hotels; Brighten, Lengthen Life of Carpets & More

Carpet dyeing is becoming more popular for commercial and residential carpets due to the many benefits. There are a number of ways carpet dyeing is used to restore carpets. Today Carpet Dye-Tech would like to focus on hotels and how carpet dyeing service has benefited a number of hotels already. We will share what stains or carpet discoloration are common in hotels and how carpet dyeing service can help restore carpets.

Luxury Hotel Carpeting General Wear

Hotels will use carpet for the soft, comfortable surface it provides. The color and patterns add interest as well. To help reduce noise, carpets are the way to go. Carpet often will undergo frequent cleaning. Most hotels will need to vacuum their carpet daily and have their carpet cleaned monthly, if not more. Hotel carpet must withstand high foot traffic which can leave behind faded dirty trail mark on the carpets. Carpets that are exposed to frequent sunlight will often fade due to UV light damage. Not to mention all of the spots and stains from cleaning spillsand more. With the high level of abuse how do hotels manage their building’s carpets? Many hotels will manage carpets as long as possible then replace the carpets prematurely simply due to abuse. However, carpet dyeing services are helping in a number of ways to prevent carpet waste and save hotels money on carpet replacements.

How Carpet Dyeing Can Help Hotel Carpets

A carpet dyeing service can help restore carpets and extend the life of the flooring. By restoring the carpet it helps maintain the appearance and integrity of the hotel and helps save them money at the same time.
Carpet Dyeing: Since hotels have high foot traffic combined with frequent carpet cleaning, it comes as no surprise that the carpet dye will eventually bleed out or fade. While the carpet itself is considered in good condition, its appearance often makes the carpet look old and worn. One service that can help hotels is total carpet dyeing. An entire room or area carpet can be recolored to look new. The carpet dye specialist comes and recreates the original dye of the carpet and then injects small amounts of dye into the carpet which renews the carpet color.
Carpet Re-Dyeing: Another similar service as carpet dyeing is carpet re-dyeing or carpet color change. The carpet can be completely dyed a different color when a hotel wants to change up the colors. Décor or theme changes in the hotel often mean replacing the carpet. Instead, have the carpet dyed a different color to match the new changes. There are some limitations though as most carpets can only be dyed a darker color.
Carpet Bleach Spot Repair: Bleach spills make the hotel look terrible. The spots make visitors feel as if the room hasn’t been kept up properly. Bleach spots cannot be removed which often forces the hotel to replace the carpet due to a few unsightly eyesores. Again, a carpet dye service can help recover carpet. Since bleach spots remove dye from the carpet, to restore the carpet all it needs is the dye put back in. A carpet dye special can match the carpet’s color and dye over the stain, making the stain disappear.

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Carpet dye services help prevent carpet waste, save hotels money and restore good carpet and rugs. If you manage a hotel and need help restoring the carpets contact Carpet Dye-Tech and schedule our services today.

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