Does Carpet Dyeing Work in Restaurants to Restore Faded Carpet Color in Augusta, GA?

Restaurants often use carpet in their dining or greeting areas. Carpets often provide a soft padding surface which greatly reduces voices. Carpets can also add a unique feel to the restaurant’s theme or interior design. However, even though carpets have a number of benefits they can be challenging for restaurants to maintain and keep clean. Stains happen frequently, due to the high foot traffic carpets fade and undergo frequent cleaning. It is easy to say carpet inside restaurants may require additional help. Carpet Dye-Tech will share how carpet dyeing services are helping restaurant everywhere.

Restaurant Carpet Stains & Discoloring

Stains in restaurants happen frequently as drink and food spills on carpets or improper cleaners may even bleach the carpet leaving behind white spots. One of the most common problem for carpets in restaurants is battling stains. Often washing out stains can cause the carpet colors to fade especially from improper cleaning methods. Another problem is when carpet loses its color from over cleaning, or when too hot of water is used to clean the carpets. When the water is too hot during carpet cleaning it can cause the dye to bleed resulting in discolored or faded carpets. A similar problem occurs when sunlight hits carpets. Restaurants with large windows that allow the sun to light up the restaurant can also cause the carpet color to appear faded, which results in odd patterns of faded carpet. For many restaurants when their carpet becomes stained, faded or discolored they often replace the carpets even though they are still in good, usable condition. This is both a waste and costly for the restaurant. Instead of replacing carpet due to a few stains or discoloration consider, seeking out carpet dye services.

Professional Carpet Dyeing Services

Carpet dyeing services can help restaurants recover their carpets in a number of ways. Carpet dyeing can help recover carpet from bleach spots, revive the carpets color and even change the carpet color all together. Following are some of the many carpet dyeing services used in restaurants.
Bleach Spot Removal – Often carpet suffers permanent bleach spots which will never come out using stain removal treatments. However, a carpet dye technician can come and apply a perfectly matched dye mixture that removes the appearance of the stain completely.
Carpet Dye Cleaning – When carpet becomes discolored or fades either by UV damage, over cleaning or heavy floor traffic, the entire carpet can be redyed. Similar to a carpet cleaning machine the dye technician applies the dye into the carpet, reviving it to the original color. The carpet is cleaned and recolored and completely restored after a few hours.
Total Carpet Redyeing – Another service that can be provided is carpet color change where the carpet can be redyed another color. When a restaurant wishes to have the color of theme of their restaurant change, the carpet doesn’t need to be replaced in most cases. When changing a carpet color the technician can redye the carpet a darker color.

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Carpet dyeing services are widely used in many commercial buildings, including restaurants. If you manage a restaurant and what to recover the carpet without the inconvenience and cost of replacing it, contact Carpet Dye-Tech and schedule our services today.

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