Commercial Carpet Dyeing for Wedding Reception Venues & Banquet Halls in Hilton Head, SC

Wedding and reception halls often have elaborate decorations and beautiful scenery where friends and family can gather together to celebrate the marriage. Wedding and reception halls often require a frequent need to be cleaned and maintained, especially the carpets. Carpets take a major beating after each wedding or event. Carpets get faded, stained and discolored due to the heavy foot traffic and abuse during a wedding celebration. To ensure the carpet stays clean and looking like new many will seek out carpet dyeing services. Carpet dyeing is helps to restore carpets and extend its life and in so doing, save the wedding and reception hall center money. Carpet Dye-Tech will share how carpet dyeing service is helping restore and extend the life of carpets.

Over Cleaning & Fading of Carpet in Banquet Halls

Wedding and reception halls often use carpets not just to add color to their rooms, but mostly to help reduce the noise from large crowds. Carpets help absorb sounds of the party, thus making the event far more pleasant. Carpets in wedding and reception halls require regular cleaning to help maintain a pleasing place to host weddings. However, maintaining clean carpets is easier said than done. During wedding or other events, there is a lot of foot traffic, spills, and other accidents, which leave stubborn stains. Over cleaning carpet can cause carpet to bleed or fade. Sunlight exposure can take a toll as well. Even with constant care and cleaning the carpets will eventually lose their color or become horribly stained. Wedding and reception halls often replace carpets much sooner than necessary. However, now, more wedding and reception halls as well as other commercial sites are seeking carpet dyeing services. Carpet dyeing helps restore stained and faded carpets as well as other services which extend the life of the carpet. By restoring the carpet you prevent the need to replace carpet prematurely. This helps save on the cost of replacing carpets. Carpet dyeing is fast and can help save 20% to 80% of the cost of replacing carpet.

Restoration of Color in Solid & Patterned Reception Hall Carpet

Carpet dyeing services clean and dye carpet by adding dye back into the carpet that has faded. Depending if the carpet has patterns or is solid in color, methods can vary. However, essentially carpet is first cleaned to remove all the dirt or particles that can contaminate the dye. The original color carpet is then dyed to revive the carpet. Another service that can help wedding and reception halls is to change the color of the carpet entirely. If the wedding and reception hall wants to change the look or color theme of their building, the carpet can be dyed a different color with some limitations. Lastly, carpet stains can also be removed by dyeing over the stains. Most common is bleach stains which by nature is permanent. Nonetheless, it can be dyed over and corrected.

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With dyeing service, carpets in wedding and reception halls can be easily restored extending the life of the carpet. By restoring the carpet it reduces the need to replace carpets which can be expensive. This is especially helpful for large areas and for wedding and reception halls that often use higher quality carpets. If you own or manage a wedding and reception hall center and you need your carpet restored, contact Carpet Dye-Tech today.

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