Commercial Carpet Dyeing for Lawyer Offices in Knoxville, TN; Process to Remove Bleach Spots & More

A lawyer’s office is expected to have a clean and orderly appearance, which helps ensure clients that your law firm is professional, organized and successful. If a client walks into a dirty and unkempt office, they begin to wonder if they walked into a bargain lawyer’s office and some may even wonder if they are in good hands. When keeping up on office cleaning and care, often the carpets pose the biggest challenge. Even if carpets are kept clean they can still become stained, discolored and faded. Carpet Dye-Tech will share how we are helping many commercial carpets look immaculate, including those in lawyer offices.

Professional Carpet Dyeing Services

Carpet dyeing is becoming an ever more popular service simply because old, worn, faded or stained carpet can be restored, which extends the life of the carpet. By restoring carpet, you remove the need to replace carpet which takes time and money. Carpet dyeing can help save the responsible party both. Carpets are dyed quickly and cost much less than replacing the carpets. “Stains” can also be removed, including bleach spots, which are essentially permanent. There are many services that carpet dyeing provides and are used to restore carpet. Listed below are the key carpet dyeing services that restore carpets.

Carpet Dyeing Process

When carpet color fades or changes due to high foot traffic, sunlight damage or improper carpet cleaning or management, the carpet will look old. Even carpet that is only a few years old can look worn down and faded, depending on the carpet exposure. When carpet color fades or looks discolored, the carpet can be restored. Carpet can be restored by adding dye back into the carpet. When carpet is dyed it is first thoroughly cleaned to prevent any contamination that can alter the dye. Depending on the type of carpet, dye application can vary. Some dye is sprayed and blended in while others may be applied with a machine. Pattern based carpets are done with an air brush like tool doing small sections at a time. After carpet has been cleaned and dyed the carpet looks new and restored. Most carpet loses its color before the carpet has had time to age and wear.

Full Room Carpet Dyeing

Total carpet redyeing is done the same way. However, when redyeing the carpet in its entirety, the customer has the option to change the color of the carpet. Carpet color can be altered with some limitations. Carpets can be dyed another color, however, it will depend on what color the carpet is currently and what color you want to dye the carpet. In most cases carpet can only go darker with a few exceptions.

Carpet Bleach Spot Removal

Bleach removes the dye in carpet resulting in a permanent blemish. Bleach spots are easily recovered by applying dye back into the carpet where they have been stripped of color. Often done by hand, a small amount of dye is added, then blended until the bleach stain is gone.

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Carpet dyeing services are helping save carpet in all types of settings, including those in lawyer offices. If you own or manage a lawyer’s office and need your carpet restored, contact Carpet Dye-Tech and schedule our services today.

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