Professional Commercial Carpet Dyeing in Columbia, SC; Restoration, Darker Color Dye, Bleach Spot Repair & More

When a commercial building has carpets with stains, bleach spots, or has lost its color, the carpets can greatly affect the building aesthetics. When a commercial building has carpet that begins to lose their aesthetics it is natural to seek options to help restore the carpets. Carpet Dye-Tech will share everything you need to know about commercial carpet dyeing and how it is the best solution to restore carpets.

Carpet Dyeing Restoration

When it comes to the care of carpets most commercial settings will work hard to regularly vacuum their carpet and schedule routine carpet cleanings. However, nothing can stop carpets from fading. Carpet will fade and lose their color over time, or it can be caused by UV light exposure, or improper carpet cleaning. When carpet fades they look old and can affect the aesthetics of the entire building. When carpets fade and lose their color, often the decision will need to be made to replace the carpet or restore them. When restoring carpets that have lost their color the carpet needs to be dyed.

Whole Room Carpet Dyeing Same or Darker Color

When dyeing the carpets, carpet can be redyed their original color or they can be dyed a new color. When changing the color of the carpets, color choice can be somewhat limited. When changing the color a new dye formula is applied over the current color or dye of the carpet. By adding color over the previous dye, it will result in a darker color. The lighter the color the more color change options you will have. When dyeing the carpet, sometimes they may require the need to be cleaned first. If there are stains present or other flaws such as bleach spots, they often need some attention to ensure the restoration results are perfect.

How Do Carpet Dyeing Methods Work?

Methods of dyeing the carpet can vary. It will depend on the carpet’s type and size. For larger open carpeted areas, often a sprayer machine is used, much like a pressure cleaning machine. The dye is applied and blended in with a carpet rake. Some carpet dyeing applications use a machine similar to a carpet cleaner. However, carpet that has patterns and multiple colors require a different approach. Carpet with patterns and colorful designs can be redyed but the process will take a bit more time as small sections of the carpet will be dyed at a time and often with a small hand held air brush tool. For those who have multiple colored carpets, it is important to know that more time will be needed to complete the task.

Carpet Dye for Stubborn Stains & Bleach Spots

For carpet with permanent stains and bleach spots, the carpet is not lost. Blemishes can be removed with bleaching and then the color will be restored. Bleach spots can also be easily repaired. A professional bleach spot repair service can repair the bleach spot and ensure that the dye matches the rest of the carpet perfectly. When carpet has stains that will not come out or bleach spots, simply seek out commercial carpet dyeing services.

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For commercial sites with faded or stained carpets and you need help restoring your carpets, contact Carpet Dye-Tech today.

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