Carpet Bleach Spot Repair in Kennesaw, GA; Bleach Neutralizer, Cleaning & Dyeing Carpets to Restore Color & Pattern

For those who work hard to maintain clean and beautiful carpets, it can be very disheartening when bleach spots occur. Bleach spots permanently mar the surface of the carpet. Bleach spots can be very distracting especially in a commercial or business setting. When bleach spots occur in the home or a commercial building there is a solution. Bleach spots can be repaired and the carpets restored back to new. Carpet Dye-Tech will share how bleach spots are repaired.

How Does Bleach Affect Carpet?

Bleach spots happen when the carpet has been exposed to a bleach agent that breaks down the dyes which remove the color in the carpet. Depending on the bleaching agent’s potency, how much and how long it was exposed to the carpet, the bleach spot levels can vary. Some bleach spots are mild and some color is still left in the carpet. Mild bleach can lighten or even change the color of the carpet. Intense bleach spot levels will remove all of the color in the carpet, leaving behind a white spot on the carpet.

Bleaching Carpet Spot

When repairing bleach spots, the carpet repair technician will need to first determine the level of bleaching of the bleached spot. In cases where the bleach spots are mild and there is some pigment in the carpet, at times the carpet will need to be completely bleached out. Further bleaching will be determined on the discoloration of the bleach spot and if it is possible to match the color perfectly. If not, then the spot will be bleached out to create a fresh start. If bleaching is needed this is the first step in repairing the bleach spot.

Cleaning Before Dyeing Carpet

If the bleaching is needed, the site will be bleached, followed by cleaning. It is important to remove any remaining bleach in the carpet as well as dirt and other substances. If the site is not properly and thoroughly clean, the dye may not properly adhere to the carpet fibers or the repair may not match the rest of the carpet perfectly. The bleach spot is cleaned and dyed out before it can be dyed again, which doesn’t take too long but it is an essential step.

Carpet Dyeing with Perfect Color Match

Once the bleach spot is properly prepared it is time to dye the carpet. One of the benefits of using a professional carpet dye technician is that they can perfectly match the dye to ensure the repair blends in. A professional bleach spot or carpet dye technician will create the dye mixture on site, mixing together the right color to create a dye formula that matches your carpet. It is impossible to buy dye used for carpets. Each carpet manufactures use their own dye formulas which cannot be obtain on the open market. This is why dyes are made on site. Once the dye is created, it is applied to the carpet slowly and blended in layers at a time.

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With professional bleach spot repair, the bleach spot will match perfectly with the rest of the carpet. If your home or business needs bleach spot repairs, carpet dyeing and more, contact Carpet Dye-Tech today.

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