Dye Pen for Carpet Bleach Spots in Marietta, GA; Bleaching, Neutralizing & Dyeing Carpets to Restore Color Loss

Bleach spots are common problems in hotels, office and other commercial buildings. Where bleach is a common chemical used to clean commercial settings, spills and drips occur frequently. When bleach spots occur on the carpet, know that the carpets can be repaired. To better understand how bleach spots are repaired, Carpet Dye-Tech will walk you through the steps of bleach spot repair for carpets.

Step 1. Evaluation & Bleaching of Carpet

When repairing a bleach spot it is important that the bleach spot is evaluated. Not all bleach spots are the same. Some bleach spots may have some pigment while others are white. For those bleach spots with pigment further bleaching will be needed to finish removing any dye in the carpet. The first actual step of restoring the bleach spot is to bleach out the remaining dye.

Step 2. Neutralizing the Carpet Bleach Spot

If the carpet has been exposed to a bleaching agent, some people don’t realize that bleach can remain active in the carpet. Even after the carpet dries after a bleach spill, the bleach will become potent once the carpet gets wet again. The bleach spot will need to be cleaned, followed by a bleach neutralizer. This is used to prevent the still active bleach from interfering with the dyeing process. Cleaning the bleach spot is essential and is often missed by DIYer’s.

Step 3. Mixing the Carpet Dye

After the bleach spot has been cleaned and the bleach neutralized, it is time to mix the dye for the carpet. Often three primary colors are used to recreate carpet color which are red, blue and yellow. A skilled carpet dye technician will know how to properly mix the dyes together to create a perfect matching dye formula. Once the dyes have been mixed to create the dye, it is time to begin dyeing the carpet.

Step 4. Dyeing the Carpet Bleach Spots

Once everything is ready it is time to dye the carpet. When repairing bleach spots a number of tools can be used. However, the favored choice of dyeing tool is a basic syringe. One or more syringes are filled with dye and slowly the carpet dye technician will begin to cover over the bleach spot. Typically the dye is applied starting on the outside of the bleach spot and the technician will work inwards, depending on the size of the bleach spot. As the dye is applied with the syringe, the dye is worked into the carpet with the cloth or by hand. To prevent over-soaking of the dye, often the excess dye is sucked up with a vacuum. It is important that not too much or too little dye is used or the results will not be perfect.

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Once the bleach spots are repaired and dyed, the carpet will once again look amazing. Bleach spot repair services benefit commercial and residential properties as you can repair damaged carpet versus replacing them. Depending on the nature of a commercial setting, the building’s aesthetic plays a major role. For those who depend or desire beautiful carpets that are free of bleach spots, contact Carpet Dye-Tech for bleach spot repair, carpet dyeing and more!

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