Carpet Dyeing for Churches in Charlotte, NC; Color Change, Restoration, Bleach Spot Repair of Carpets & More

Churches frequently use carpets to help dampen the sound of footsteps so they can keep their halls quieter. Church managers often work hard to keep their carpets clean to ensure their beauty and cleanliness. However, with all of the vacuuming and carpet cleanings, church managers cannot prevent the carpet color from fading or developing stains or bleach spots. Carpet Dye-Tech will share how we can help restore carpet in churches.

Carpet Dyeing VS Replacement

It seems that church managers never have a lot of money to replace their carpets when they lose their color or develop permanent bleach spots. For church administrators it is important to maintain the cleanliness of the carpets. When carpet has been cleaned, yet time or the other elements have impaired, the carpet’s aesthetics the church administration doesn’t have to replace their carpets. Therefore, restoring the carpet is often the much quicker and more affordable option with great results. Carpet dyeing services can help restore the church’s carpets in a number of different ways.

Carpet Dyeing Color Change or Restoration

When a church has carpet that has lost its color they tend to look aged. When carpet has faded, their color can be restored by redyeing the carpets in the church. When the carpet needs to be dyed the church manager has two options. One is to restore the carpet to its original color or the second is to change the carpet’s color. Church administrators may have invested in a certain color of carpet and later found they wished for a different color. The good news is that the carpet does not need to be replaced. Depending on the current color of the carpet, there may be some limitations as to what hue one can choose. However, carpet can be dyed a new darker color. Since the carpet was previously dyed, when changing the carpet’s color, new dye will be added to the current dyes in the carpets. As a result, the carpet will be a darker color. When dyeing or changing the color of the carpet, essentially the process is the same.

Carpet Dyeing Process

The dyeing process is fast. Depending on the condition of the carpet it may need to be cleaned before it can be dyed, which adds an extra step. If the carpet needs to be cleaned that will need to be done first and then afterwards the carpet can be dyed. When dyeing carpet often a large sprayer is used to apply the dye and a carpet rake is used to help work the dye into the fibers of the carpet. Another method uses a carpet dye machine that is much like a carpet cleaner. Both solid colored carpet and those with patterns can be dyed. The methods for dyeing carpet with multiple colors or patterns are different. Patterned carpets often require a hand held tool and small sections of the carpet are dyed at a time. Because patterns require more detailed work, it will require more time to dye these types of carpet. After the carpet has been dyed they look refreshed and almost new again. Carpet dyeing services can also help restore carpet with bleach spot or permanent stains. For church administrators that need help restoring their carpets, carpet dyeing services is the answers.

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If your church building has carpets that have faded, or developed permanent stains and bleach spots, contact Carpet Dye-Tech today.

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