Is Carpet & Rug Dyeing Successful in Atlanta, GA? Can Carpets & Rugs Be Permanently Dyed?

Quality rugs and carpets should never be thrown out over just a few flaws. Carpet and rugs often have so much more to give but often are replaced over their appearance. No one wants carpet and rugs that look old, dirty and stained. It makes sense to want to get rid of them if they are flawed. However, there is another option. Before throwing out carpets and rugs, you can have them saved with dyeing restoration. You can revive both carpets and rugs and extend their use and beauty. If you have never thought to have your carpets and rugs restored, Carpet Dye-Tech will explain how dyeing restorations work

Can You Permanently Dye Carpets?

Carpets that are made with natural fiber and fabrics are dyed their color during the manufacturing process. Carpets take well to dyes and create beautiful and colorful carpets. However, time and exposure can affect the carpet’s dyes. Carpets are notorious for developing stains, bleach spots and fading. When these types of flaws develop, the carpets are often replaced. Before replacing the carpets, there is another option and that is restoring the carpet’s dyes or coloring. Carpet can be redyed and their colors revived. Not only can faded and dull carpet be revived, but carpet dyeing can also remove stains and repair bleach spots. When deciding to have your carpet restored with carpet dyeing, often the carpets undergo a thorough cleaning. It is important that carpets are clean to ensure the dyeing process is not interfered with. Carpets that are one single color or those with many colors and patterns can be redyed and their appearance restored. Flaws such as stains and bleach spots can also corrected ensuring flawless carpets. Dyeing the carpet renews their appearance and prolongs the life of your carpets. Carpet dyeing restoration can be done in any setting from residential to commercial.

How Do You Restore Color on Area Rugs?

Rugs or area rug dyeing is much like carpet dyeing. The rug is deep cleaned using proper rug cleaning methods. Depending on the type and age of the rug, rug cleaning and dyeing requires slow and delicate work. Often it takes much more time to redye a rug then a whole room carpets. Most rugs have elaborate patterns and many different colors. A carpet dyeing specialist can accurately recreate the rug color and apply the dyes to the rug and often by hand. There is no large industrial tool that is used to dye rugs. When a rug needs to be restored it important to be patient and allow the needed time to make sure the rug is dyed perfectly. You will be amazed at the results of a rug dyeing restoration service. They can completely revive your rug color and make them look like new. Both carpets and rug have similar dyes that are non-toxic and most are nature based. Additionally, the dyes will not wash out the next time you clean your carpets or rugs. The dyes will bind to the fiber and will not rub off or wash out, ensuring long lasting results.

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