Commercial Carpet Fiber Dyeing Services for Hotels in Sarasota, FL; Whole Room to Spot Dye

Commercial carpet dyeing is a specialty service that often partners with many different commercial settings to help maintain and restore their carpets. Hotel owners often have a battle when it comes to maintaining clean and beautiful carpets. Hotel owners frequently replace their carpet because of other aesthetic flaws such as stains, bleach spots, discoloration and fading. Replacing carpets over simple aesthetics is a costly mistake. Carpets with these types of problems can be corrected with commercial carpet dyeing. If a hotel owner hasn’t experienced what commercial carpet dyeing service has to offer, Carpet Dye-Tech will cover the many different ways commercial carpet dyeing helps hotel owners and managers.

Can You Dye Commercial Carpet?

Commercial carpet dyeing encompasses a number of different types of services that specialize in restoring carpet color and appearance. The primary method of improving the carpet’s appearance is by restoring the carpet color. This is done by redyeing the fibers. This is the basic concept of commercial carpet dyeing restorations. However, there are various services that have specific goals in mind. Here are the most common services that commercial carpet dyeing provides.

Whole Room Carpet Dyeing

Whole room carpet dyeing is a service that dyes the entire surface of the carpet. All of the furniture and other items need to be cleared off the carpets and sometimes the carpet needs to be cleaned. Then the entire carpet will be covered by a fresh coat of dye. The carpets can be dyed its original colors. Do not worry about multi-colored carpets, both solid and patterned carpet can be dyed. When the carpets are dyed, the dyes used for your carpets are long lasting, non-toxic and will not wash out or rub off.

Carpet Color Change

The carpet not only can have its color restored, but you can change the color as well. Carpets can have their color changed by dyeing them a new color. When dyeing the carpets a new color, the new color will be a shade darker than the carpet’s original color. This is because the new dye color will bind with the old color that is present in the carpet. When the hotel owner needs the color changed, they do not have to replace the carpet as often they can be dyed a new color.

Carpet Bleach Spot Repair

Another common and frequently needed service for a hotel carpet is bleach spot repair. Bleach spots can develop on the carpets very easily. A bleach spot can develop on the carpet when a cleaner that contains a bleaching agent accidentally is exposed to the carpet. When a cleaner leaves the bleach spot on the carpet, they can be repaired. A bleach spot needs to be cleaned and a bleach neutralizer applied to the site. Lastly, a carpet dye is applied to the bleach spot to restore the carpet. The dye that is applied to the carpet will perfectly match the rest of the carpet, ensuring the repair blends in.

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There are many ways commercial carpet dyeing can help hotel owners maintain and restore their carpets. If you want to see if commercial carpet dyeing services can help restore your hotel carpets, contact Carpet Dye-Tech today.

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