What Causes Fading of Carpets & Rugs? Is Carpet & Rug Dyeing Successful in Chamblee, GA?

Carpet and area rugs are used in the home and in many commercial buildings. They provide a soft surface as well as bring color and comfort into a space. When carpet or rugs are new they look great. Their colors are vibrant and they have a fresh and flawless appearance. However, over time the rug’s and carpet’s aesthetics diminish, and they tend to develop a number of problems. Carpet and area rugs are both prone to fading, discoloration, stains and bleach spots. When carpet and area rugs develop these flaws they can be corrected. If you have carpet and or area rugs that no longer look their best, Carpet Dye-Tech will share how you can reclaim their beauty.

What Causes Carpet & Rug Fading?

Carpet and area rugs are both made from natural materials and different fabrics. Even though carpet and area rugs can use very different fabric blends, they have one thing in common. Both carpet and area rugs are dyed. The dyes give the area rugs and carpet their color. The dye is soaked into the fabric and bind the dye compounds to the fibers of the carpet or rugs. Dyes can weaken over time. They can also be altered due to a substance or some kind of exposure. The dye coloring can fade or become discolored due to improper cleaning, UV light exposure or due to the passing of time. Other flaws such as stains can overtake the fibers and a bleaching agent can strip the pigment out. When these issues develop in your carpets or area rugs, they can be repaired or corrected by applying fresh dye to the fibers. When fresh dye is applied by using the proper methods it can bring carpet and area rugs back to life. The colors are renewed and the flaws disappear. For those who do not want to replace their carpets or have wonderful area rugs that need preserving you can do this with carpet and area rug dyeing.

Why Dyeing of Carpet & Rugs is Worth It

There are a lot of benefits to hiring a professional service to restore your carpet color. Carpet and area rug dyeing services can help restore and extend the life of your carpet and area rugs. Carpets are very expensive to replace and often carpets are replaced simply because they look bad and have nothing to do with their condition. When the carpets are still in good condition and have aesthetic flaws, why not correct those flaws and extend the life of the carpet? Not only can you put off replacing your carpets, but it can also help save you money. Dyeing restoration is much cheaper and faster than replacement. When it comes to area rugs, some are precious pieces. Some people have antique, Oriental or Persian rugs which are priceless pieces. Throwing out one of those rugs is not an option. When you have an area rug that looks old and dingy, you can restore them with dyeing restoration services.

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