How Long Does Commercial Carpet Dyeing Last in Augusta, GA Hotels? Is it Permanent?

For those who own and or run a hotel, you know it is important to maintain a clean facility from top to bottom. Everything needs to be maintained and looking fresh, this includes the carpets. Carpets hold a special challenge as they develop a number of problems from stains to bleach spots, discoloration and fading. When carpet inside a hotel develops these types of flaws, the hotel owner will need to make a decision: either repair the carpets with commercial carpet dyeing or invest in carpet replacement. It can be hard to make a choice. It may sound great to replace the carpets and to have a fresh start. However, you can save money and time by restoring the carpet with commercial carpet dyeing. Often when considering to have the carpet restored, many hotel owners will ask exactly how long will carpet dyeing restoration even last? Today, Carpet Dye-Tech would like to shine the light on commercial carpet dyeing. We’ll tell you how it works and how long carpet restoration will last.

Commercial Carpet Dyeing Can Extend the Life of Carpets

When you hear about commercial carpet dyeing, one of the major benefits of the restoration services is that it can extend the life of the carpets. When you extend the life of the carpet, you can put off the time and expense of carpet replacements. But, how long will the carpet life be extended? To make the right decision most hotel owners will want to know how much more they will get out of their carpets. How long will depend on the quality and care of their carpets. Hotel owners tend in to invest in high quality carpets. Not only are they of higher quality, but hotel owners will ensure the carpets are vacuumed and cleaned regularly. With proper maintenance the condition of the carpet will be prolonged. Hotel carpets can easily last 30 years with proper care. However, often carpet gets replaced sooner due to aesthetic flaws such as bleach spots, stains, discoloration, and fading. This is where commercial carpet dyeing comes in. Before replacing carpet prematurely and not getting the entire life of the carpets, you can have most carpet aesthetic flaws corrected with commercial carpet dyeing. Carpet dyeing can restore carpet fading and discoloration. Both bleach spots and permanent stains can be removed from the carpets by applying carpet dye to the carpets. The same dye used during the carpet’s manufacturing is used to revive and restore the carpet’s once beautiful coloring.

Commercial Carpet Dye is Permanent

The dyes used for the carpet are non-toxic and will not transfer, rub off, or wash out. Not only will commercial carpet dyeing restore the carpet color and extend the life of the carpets, but these repairs will also easily last for ten years. Commercial carpet dyeing will renew the carpets in your hotel extending the life of the carpet for at least another ten years if not more. Carpets can be redyed many times during the lifespan of the carpet. Time has a way of affecting the aesthetics of the carpet which often requires another around of commercial carpet dyeing restorations about every ten years. With proper care the carpet may undergo three or more carpet dyeing restorations in the carpets lifespan.

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Commercial carpet dyeing restorations last on average ten years before the carpet is due for another round of color restoration. As long as the hotel owner is diligent in maintaining clean carpets, they can get decades out of their carpets. If you need your carpet restored, contact Carpet Dye-Tech today!

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