Carpet Dyeing Restoration in Savannah, GA; Can You Dye Hotel Carpet Instead of Replace it?

Hotel owners, like most business owners, are looking for ways to save money. They also want to ensure quality throughout the entire property. Hotel owners need to maintain a high standard so their reviews stay high and more guests will be drawn to the hotel. For those who own and or manage a hotel, there are a lot of aspects to maintaining and caring for their hotel. There is operations, service and the building’s maintenance. One area of a hotel that generates a lot of talk is the carpets. Carpets inside a hotel need a lot of care. Carpet needs to be kept vacuumed and cleaned. However, carpet will develop fatal flaws such as bleach spots, traffic patterns or fading. When the carpet compromises the quality of the hotel, the hotel owner will usually make the decision to replace their carpets. There is another option, the hotel owner can have the carpet restored with commercial carpet dyeing. If a hotel owner or manager is trying to decide to replace or repair the carpets, Carpet Dye-Tech will share what to expect from carpet replacement and carpet dyeing restorations.

Is it Time to Dye or Replace Carpets?

When a hotel owners needs to decide whether to replace or to restore their carpets, one major consideration is time. Time can greatly affect a hotel’s revenue. When replacing carpets or having the carpet dyed, that area of the hotel will need to be closed off to their guests. When restricting a hotel area means it will also restrict the hotel profits. When carpet needs to be replaced, it takes a lot of time. The hotel will first need to find and order the new carpet and then wait for the carpet to arrive. Next, the old carpet will need to be removed and the floor cleaned and prepped for the new carpet. Finally, the new carpet will be installed which includes gluing down the under padding and tacking down the new carpet. The entire process can take days before the hotel can open back up. When restoring the carpet with commercial carpet dyeing, the hotel owner will of course need to keep foot traffic off of the carpet. With both carpet dyeing or carpet replacement, the area will need to be cleared of all furniture. When dyeing the carpet, in some cases the carpet may need to be cleaned before they can be dyed. When dyeing the carpet the entire carpeted area will be coated with the dye. Once the carpets are dry the owner can open the hotel. Carpet dyeing can take only a few hours to complete which makes carpet dyeing much faster.

Is it Cheaper to Dye or Replace Carpet?

Hotel owners normally use hospitality carpets which are a higher quality of carpet. As a result, hotel carpet can last a long time but will need its aesthetics refreshed from time to time. When comparing the cost of what will save the hotel money, carpet dyeing is far more affordable than carpet replacement. For example, the average carpet costs about $5 per square foot to install and hospitality carpet will be slightly higher. The average cost of color restoration or carpet dyeing ranges around $1.50 to $2 per square foot to repair. With commercial carpet dyeing, the hotel owner will save more than half of the cost it would be to replace their carpets.

Can You Permanently Dye Carpet?

When comparing whether to replace or dye the carpet, it is natural to want to know the longer term results. Replacing carpet will provide a fresh new start, at least until fading, stains or bleach spots occur. It is unfortunate that carpets are replaced over simple aesthetic flaws that can be corrected. When dyeing the carpets, the dyes easily last ten years. Hospitality carpets often have the life span of 30 years or more. You can maintain and extend the life of the carpet with commercial carpet dyeing services.

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When a hotel owner needs to quickly have beautiful carpets, save money and have lasting results, commercial carpet dyeing is the winner. For quality commercial carpet dyeing services, contact Carpet Dye-Tech today.

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