How Dyeing from Carpet Dye Contractors Can Aid Janitorial Companies in Fort Lauderdale, FL

A janitorial service is often responsible for making sure a building stays clean and well maintained. As they are specialized in cleaning various types of commercial settings, they often seek additional help maintaining and restoring the facilities carpets. Carpet can be difficult to maintain especially in a commercial setting where dense foot traffic can take its toll on the carpets. When janitorial services find they require additional help maintaining their building’s carpets, often they seek carpet dyeing services. Carpet Dye-Tech will share how we work alongside janitorial services and help maintain the carpet they are often caring for.

Carpet Discoloration, Stains & Spots

Janitorial services often weekly or even daily clean offices, schools, and other commercial settings, as they labor to maintain a clean and orderly facility. However, one of the most difficult features to maintain are carpets and for a number of reasons. Carpets are a fabric on the ground which gets dirty and stains very easily. Natural based carpet fibers are also dyed. Over time, and after a number of carpet cleanings, the color can begin to fade. Other elements can cause carpets to fade. One of the major contributors to carpet fading is UV radiation. Carpet that is exposed to sunlight will often fade and in uneven patterns. Carpets are also prone to staining. Whereas many stains can be removed, certain stains such as bleach spots are permanent. There is nothing a quality janitorial service can do to repair or prevent carpet stains or fading. To help repair the carpets, occasionally a janitorial service will look for help from a carpet dyeing specialist.

Spot Carpet Dyeing VS Full Room Carpet Dye

Spot carpet dyeing can help restore faded and stained carpets without the need to interfere with the facility’s daily operation or the janitorial service. However, for a thorough full room carpet dyeing, often it is best to have the furniture removed and the carpet cleared. Depending on the nature of the setting where the carpets need to be dyed, sometimes it is best to schedule carpet dyeing serviced during times the building is closed. 

Whole Room Carpet Dyeing

Full room carpet dyeing can be done rather quickly and only takes a few hours to complete depending on the size of the room. Carpets that have multiple colors and/or patterns can take more time to complete in some cases, as the carpet must be dyed in small sections at a time. Carpet dyeing can be scheduled during off hour to avoid interference with the facility’s operations.

Bleach Spot Repair

Carpets that have permanent spots and stains, such as bleach spots, can also be repaired. Bleach spots can ruin the look of the carpets as they can’t be removed. Bleach removes the pigment out of the carpet completely. To repair a bleached spot, the pigment needs to be added back into the carpet fibers. Carpet dyeing specialists can repair bleach spots very quickly simply by adding the lost pigment back into the carpet.

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When a janitorial service finds the carpets that they maintain require bleach spot repair, or color revival, Carpet Dye-Tech can help. We often work alongside other companies, sharing our talents to help restore carpets. For quality carpet dyeing services and more, contact Carpet Dye-Tech today

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