Commercial Carpet Dyeing & Bleach Spot Repair Maintenance for Offices in Miami, FL

Carpet care is essential to ensure your carpets stay clean and last longer. However there are different aspects of carpet care. One aspect that ensures your carpets last and stay looking great is carpet dyeing. Carpet dyeing is used in many different ways to help maintain clean and fresh carpets. When it comes to a commercial setting, such as inside offices, carpets are prone to soiling in high traffic areas. This causes discoloration and those ugly dark gray streaks. In the break area of an office building, the carpet will develop stains. In the lobby and other areas such as the conference room and individual offices often experience sun fading. Over-cleaning and bleach spots can also occur throughout the carpeted areas. Carpet Dye-Tech will share how carpet dye services can help maintain and extend the life of carpet while making them look fresh and renewed.

Carpet Discoloration & Stains in Offices

Office buildings will have a combination of flooring, including carpet. Carpet helps improve efficiency, reduce noise, and is easily maintained. Carpet in office buildings undergoes regular vacuuming and cleaning to ensure a clean and healthy environment. However, due to the constant foot traffic and cleaning, carpets in office areas will develop soiling stains and discoloration including the notorious bleach spots. In many cases when the carpet becomes too dirty looking or is riddled with stains, they will be replaced which takes time and money.

Whole Room Carpet Dyeing Restoration or Color Change

Carpet dyeing services can help carpet within office buildings in a few different ways. One service is total carpet dyeing which recovers or darkens the carpet’s color. During total carpet dyeing, the carpets are cleaned thoroughly and then a dye formula is applied on the carpet to revitalize its color. Another major service is carpet color change. Carpet color can be changed to a completely new color as long as it is a darker color. The color can be altered but since dye is to be added on top or mixed with the current color of the carpet, the result is a darker color. Color change is very handy, especially if the office owner or manager wishes to change the color theme or simply wants a darker carpet to help hide soiling and other stains. This extends the time before carpet cleaning is next required. Both services can be done on any carpet type including those with patterns. The dyes used for carpet is organic based, non-toxic and non-rub, which means once the carpet is dry the dye won’t transfer or rub off. 

Bleach Spot & Stain Repair

Another common problem with carpets inside offices and other commercial buildings are stubborn stains and bleach spots. Bleach spots in the office is often a result of an accidental spill. Other common stains in the office are coffee, ink, and white out stains. Stubborn stains and bleach spots can be restored with carpet dyeing. Carpet dye can help restore the blemish by adding over the stain, thereby bringing color back to the carpet’s original color. This is done by a talented carpet dye specialist that can create a perfectly matched dye formula to mix with the stain and recolor the carpet to match.

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Carpet Dye-Tech offers a number of carpet dyeing services to help restore and care for carpets. When your office carpets need to be refreshed, contact Carpet Dye-Tech.

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