Carpet Dyeing to Restore Faded Carpets after a Flood & Over-Cleaning in West Palm Beach, FL

When a home or business experiences flooding, often the insurance steps-in and help with repairs. There are a number of damages flooding can cause. Water damage can affect the walls, ceilings, floors and most especially, the carpets. When carpet becomes the victim of a flooding there are a number of things that can occur. Carpet Dye-Tech will share how flooding can damage carpet and how we work with insurance providers to restore carpets after flooding.

Should Carpet Be Replaced After Water Damage

When carpets are saturated or submerged under water, the first step is seeking a flood damage restoration service. A team comes to the site and begins extracting the flood water and determines what material can be saved. In many cases, walls and flooring can be dried out and treated for mold, which saves the homeowner or commercial owner time and money if damaged material doesn’t need to be replaced. Extractors, dehumidifiers and fans are used to dry out the flooded area.

A Carpet Dyeing Company Can Restore Faded Carpets

When it comes to recovering carpet, the water in the carpets are thoroughly extracted with strong vacuums. The carpets are dried and then intensely cleaned. During the recovery process, often bleeding occurs where the carpet pigment is lost. Restored carpets often look dull afterwards due to the bleeding from the intense cleaning. This is where carpet dye specialist assists insurance companies. 

Carpet Dyeing VS Replacement

When carpets have been properly cleaned and treated after a flooding, the result of the flooding and intense cleaning of the carpet may reveal a loss of pigmentation in the carpet. The carpets will look dull and faded which doesn’t satisfy the homeowner or business owner. Instead of investing in the cost of carpet replacement, especially when additional expenses went into cleaning and treating the carpet, the carpet can be restored. Carpets can be restored and at times look better than before the flood. Carpet dye specialists can restore dull or faded carpet after flooding simply by redyeing the carpets. The are many benefits to redyeing the carpet versus replacing. First, it costs less. However, it can also be re-dyed in half the amount of time. Carpet dyeing can be done within a few hours, depending on the size of the carpet.

Use of Liquid Carpet Dye

A dye specialist can reproduce a dye to restore the carpet’s original color. There are a few methods of applying the dye. Carpet dye is either applied by using a machine similar to a carpet cleaning machine which injects the dye into the carpet. Another common method uses a pressure cleaner like machine which applies the dye into the carpet fibers. Dyeing the carpet revives the carpet’s color and helps restore the carpet to almost new even those that have been affected by a flood.

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When home or business carpet has been dulled by flooding, carpet dye specialists can help restore the carpet which can help save the business or homeowner time, and the insurance company money. When carpet has been damaged by a flood and needs help restoring them, Carpet Dye-Tech often works with insurance companies to help restore the carpet. For quality carpet dyeing and other restoration services, contact Carpet Dye-Tech today.     

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