Invisible Carpet Dyeing Bleach Spot Repair for Hotel Rooms, Hallways & More in Kissimmee, FL

Hotels are kept clean and pristine to attract loyal guests and retain positive ratings. Throughout hotels, various types of flooring is featured including carpets. These carpets are often brightly colored and even have elaborate designs. Carpets are simple but also add a lot of interest to the building. Unfortunately, carpets can be difficult to maintain and keep pristine. One major obstacle for hotels are bleach spots. Bleach spots are often caused by guests or accidental spills from various cleaning chemicals. Carpet Dye-Tech will share how carpet dyeing services can repair bleach spots in the carpet as well as their hidden benefits.

Will Dye Cover Bleach Spots?

What is a bleach spot? A bleach spot isn’t a typical stain that with the proper cleaning methods can be removed. Bleaching solvents and other similar chemicals such as chlorine doesn’t stain carpet but actually removes the pigment out of the carpet. The color or dye in the carpet is forever lost and can’t simply be washed away. Bleach spots can become frustrating and create a negative response by guests. Bleach spots can occur anywhere in the halls, rooms, conference halls and dining areas. All too often the hotel must shut down a portion of the building to have the carpet replaced. When replacing carpet, the carpets must be removed and disposed of. The subfloor is then cleaned and prepared for new carpet installation, and lastly, the carpet is installed. Replacing carpets in hotels can take days which can put a financial burden on the hotel. Luckily, there is another alternative. Bleach spots, big or small, can be repaired.

Carpet Dyeing to Fix Bleach Spots

Carpet dye services can repair bleach spots on solid or multi-colored carpets. This is done by a skillful carpet dye specialist that can match the carpet dye and put pigment back into the carpet. The site is cleaned first which prevents interference with the dye. Small amounts of dye is applied using one of two methods. One method uses a small air brush like tool. The second method uses a dropper which is often used for smaller spots. The dye is applied in small layers until the bleach spot is properly corrected.

Carpet Dyeing VS Replacement

One of the many hidden benefits of simple repairs on the bleach spot is time. Restoring bleach spots can be completed rather quickly, and there is no need to shut down parts of the hotel. Only the site of repair may be taped off while the spot is being corrected. Another benefit is the savings. The bleach spot repair option is much more affordable compared to replacing carpet especially a problem that is due to a simple bleach spot. The cost of repairing bleach spots is far less than entire carpet replacement. Again, there is no shut down time needed which also aids the hotel.

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Carpet dyeing services can quickly repair bleach spots as well as restore dull or faded carpet and more. Before replacing the carpet, consider seeing how carpet dye services can help save the hotel time and money and reduce the waste of replacing carpets. For quality carpet dyeing and restoration services, contact Carpet Dye-Tech and schedule our service today.

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